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Sunday, April 06, 2014

European Union dictatorship is behind the Ukraine crisis: UKIP's Nigel Farage 69% versus Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg 31% (ICM Poll for Guardian)

"Nato and the EU — on current form — will merely appeal for ­dialogue and threaten sanctions. ­But nothing will happen. Which means the Baltics will buckle, and Putin will take back lands which he believes are rightly Russia’s.  That will be the end of Nato — and the dawn of a terrifying new world in which international rules count for nothing and the strong dominate the weak. Russia — ruthless and greedy — can play divide and rule for decades to come.  Suppose we do try to resist, with our shrunken armed forces and craven allies? With the latest round of cuts, the British Army is about to become the smallest it’s been since the Napoleonic wars. ... What’s worse, the West’s ­intelligence operations have been severely ­compromised by the exploits of Edward Snowden, the former U.S. intelligence contractor who has taken refuge in Moscow, having stolen tens of  thousands of secret state documents.  Deplorably, the complacent and self-indulgent journalists who so damagingly published the West’s intelligence secrets and effectively blinded our spies have been awarded America’s greatest journalistic honour, the Pulitzer Prize.  If the West does stand up to ­Russia, Putin will put its nuclear forces on alert, all the while decrying our ‘aggressive behaviour’."

EDWARD LUCAS, author of The New Cold War.

"In a chilling echo of the Holocaust, Jews are 'ordered to register and list property' in east Ukraine after pro-Russian militants take over government buildings."JULIAN ROBINSON, Daily Mail, 17 April 2014,

"Russian military move on Ukraine would echo HITLER annexing the Sudetenland ..." - news (linked here).
"China and Japan on the brink of Third World War" - news (linked here).

"Ukraine - Russia crisis: Could this be the start of World War III?" - news.

European Union dictatorship is behind the Ukraine crisis: UKIP's Nigel Farage 69% versus Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg 31% (ICM Poll for Guardian)

Martin Schulz, European Parliament President, Angers Israelis With West Bank Comments 
The Huffington Post UK | Posted: 14/02/2014 11:46 GMT | Updated: 18/02/2014 20:59 GMT 
Israeli MPs have walked out of a speech by the chief of the European Parliament after he raised the plight of Palestinians in the West Bank.  Martin Schulz's German address to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, was branded "duplicitous propaganda" by one furious politician.

Above: the fanatical German, Martin Schulz, the EU Parliament President is, with fellow fanatic, the anti-neutron bomb Baroness Cathy Ashton (unelected head of EU Foreign Affairs), apparently trying to start WWIII by pressing the EU into Ukraine just as Hitler invaded Russia, and apparently also trying to copy the Nazi "Trojan horse" propaganda style, to gain power by spreading false "scares" about job losses if we give up racist EU policies and laws on "standardization" of goods, which prohibit trade with poor African farmers outside the EU.

The EU parliament is a quack "democracy" like the USSR elections of bureaucrats, since the EU parliament has no real powers of democracy and policy is instead determined by a pseudo-democratic European Council and implemented by the European Commission, an unelected civil service of 28 commissioners and 24,000 staff who propose new laws and draft legislation.

This is a copy of the USSR centralized, monolithic dictatorship of bureaucrats. The EU Parliament is totally prohibited from any right to initiate legislation, so it can only request the European Commission to draft a bill! The EU Parliament meets for just 4 days each month (apart from August), plus 6 annual 2-day "mini sessions" in Brussels or Strasbourg. A real "tower of babel", the EU employs 1,200 interpreters and 700 document translators, but despite this the journalists of member states lack of the ability to hold the immense number of remote, unaccountable, fanatically meddling bureaucrats to account. The May 2014 issue of the UK edition of Readers Digest at page 97 quotes Polish euro-deputy Jacek Saryusz-Wolski as using the argument for the EU that about 75% ("some 70 to 80 % of national legislation that directly impacts on the lives of citizens originates at the level of the European Union") of EU member states new laws comes from the EU, despite the fact that Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tried to play down the 75% figure in his April 2014 debate with UKIP leader and MEP Nigel Farage! Thus the inconsistency that the 75% figure is used when convenient for arguing in favour of the power of the EU, but when convenient is simply dismissed by clowns like the British government's deputy PM!

The “European Parliament” is a totally toothless committee, a mere charade of democracy: being the only “parliament” where you cannot initiate legislation, propose legislation, or even repeal legislation (that’s all the job of the unelected European Commission, not the European Parliament). Europe’s political Union is modelled on the unlimited power of the USSR it superseded, a new communist confidence trick.

The European Union is a maze spread over Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, comprising of:

(1) The European Commission,
(2) The Council of the European Union,
(3) The European Council,
(4) The European Parliament, etc. (lots of other directorates, agencies, and so on).

“Because the EU’s officials are not answerable to the peoples of the nation states ... Brussels overspent its budget last year by a shocking £20 billion. [This] far exceeds anything achieved by oil company Enron. ... we have to pay £14 billion every year in our annual contribution ... a protection racket that fails to provide any protection. ... its own auditors have not given its accounts a clean bill of health for the past 18 years.  Brussels has an annual budget of £133 billion ... the EU spends £2.4 billion a year on marketing and publicity ... European officials take an average of 14.6 days off sick every year ... When its Court of Auditors in 2013 found “serious failures” in the award of EU contracts for a £13 billion pipeline between Hungary and Romania the EU said with typical insouciance, “We interpret the rules differently.” [This was precisely Putin’s response to corruption claims over the Winter Olympics.] ... the EU’s foreign service ... has 37 staff in Papua New Guinea and 32 in Mozambique.”

Nowhere is there any people’s democracy in this deliberately obfuscating network of multiple hubs of power, whose purpose is to make it look like democracy without actually being a democracy.  There is such a massive array that the journalists of member states of the EU are unable to remember all their obscure foreign names and job titles, let alone to hold them to account.  This is precisely why the newspapers and TV only report the EU laws that destroy the economics of member states after they have been passed, when it is far too late to hold a media campaign to oppose them (as occurs when local Parliaments in London propose banning curved bananas).

The EU is not a free trade union, but is a racist, colonial “protectionist block” which tries to limit trade of member states with countries outside the European Union (for example, Britain’s trade with poor African farmers) by imposing racist EU law-imposed massive trade tariffs to ban the “un-standardized” goods from Africa and America, but to allow trade from within Europe, which sells us overpriced, needlessly “standardized” goods in order to subsidise failed, inefficient, illiberal socialist dictatorships.  The unelected bureaucratic central government (signed by Prime Minister John Major in the notorious Maastricht Treaty) European Union is incompatible with a peaceful, economically stable world as proved by the Ukraine crisis caused by unelected EU Foreign Affairs boss and anti-nuclear propaganda CND fanatic Baroness Cathy Ashton (author of lies in chapter 1 of the 1977 CND book The neutron bomb which led to Carter banning the bomb and thus to the 1979 USSR invasion of Afghanistan) who pushed the EU into the Ukraine, triggering Putin's invasion of Crimea! Although the 2011 "European Citizens' Initiative" in principle allows any citizen to call for a new Euro law, they must first get a million signatures, so in practice it's an empty promise (if you can get a million signatures, you'll get political support and media attention anyway, so the real the problem is getting attention for unpopular laws to protect us against war-mongering appeasement). Another Clegg-type pro-EU argument is that the EU is banning mobile phone roaming charges in Europe; however this is no use outside the EU and even inside the EU the companies will just increase the normal charges to make up their profit shortfall, so the consumer will end up paying the same overall. The May 2014 UK Readers Digest article on page 99 attacks the EU opponents on the basis that the Dutch "Party for Freedom" (which opposes the EU dictatorship) "favours same-sex marriage and is an enthusiastic supporter of the state of Israel". So now we know the truth: the popular media attacks on the lovers of liberty are motivated by racism and homophobia. Yet, using the tactics of Dr Goebbels, they try to stick smears on their enemies to deflect attention from the truth. But one person is making progress.

British politician, ex-global metal exchange trader (which he did for 20 years) and now leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage who has a German wife, was strongly influenced by reading J. S. Mill’s On Liberty as a child, and he has slammed EU bosses over European crisis. "It's even more serious than economics because if you rob people of their identity, if you rob them of their democracy, then all they are left with is nationalism and violence. I can only hope and pray that the Euro project is destroyed by the markets before that," Farage ended a speech:

FIGHTING THE NAZIS DICTATORS OF THE EU: Who are you Mr President? Nigel Farage asks Van Rompuy (video below in the European Parliament): Nigel Farage explaining his call to have all EU Nazis and neo-Nazis fired: Nigel Farage explaining that the EU is run by unelected failed far-right wing pseudo-environmentalist and pseudo-pacifist Nazi dictators:
Above: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, in his 2 April 2014 debate with UK Independence Party Chief Nigel Farage (a rematch of their 26 March debate), waved this 2010 UKIP poster warning of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration disasters in his TV debate, in a lying "smear" attempt to disprove what the poster said, merely by using the left-wing technique of "ridiculing", while ignoring the actual fact that Native Americans did in some cases end up in reservations because they had no proper border controls or nuclear deterrents to prevent invasions.  This left-wing tactic of "tweeting the racist subtext" backfired according to the left-wing Guardian newspaper's ICM poll immediately after the debate! Sophistry always backfires, unless you silence your opponent using Hitler's thugs technique of gas or concentration camps. Deputy Prime Minister Clegg only had 31% approval, with the entire remaining 69% backing UKIP's leader Nigel Farage!  No wonder we haven't had any unbiased debates on EUSSR communist membership for over 20 years, since Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty, giving away Britain's independence to unelected left-wing lying, overspending bureaucrats in Belgium (the last public UK referendum on Europe 40 years ago was about economic trade in the European Commission, not political control of people's lives by the "European Union" of Soviet Socialist Republics).  Clegg didn't help his case by claiming that "if you want to change something, you must do so from inside it" (this is the argument for joining the devil, the Nazis, or the USSR in order to "reform it from within"!), and by making false slurs: "They see conspiracies everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if Nigel Farage soon tells us that the moon landing was a fake, that Barack Obama is not American, that Elvis is not dead."  These fascist-type, lying racism and moon landing denialism slurs only "work" when you have Gestapo around to silence any rational response. Anyone can see that the Deputy Prime Minister is abusing his power and exploiting racism for his own ends, just as 1930s "pacifists" cashed in on war effects exaggerations to sell lies to Joe Public in the name of guaranteeing peace through disarmament in the face of the Nazi threat to the Jews and genuine libertarians (unlike the Clegg type of pseudo-liberalism).  Slurs are the preferred technique of dictators, who don't have anything factual to say to defend their lies.

The fantasy that Deputy Prime Minister Clegg believes is that the European Union is a guarantee of peace in our time, ignoring the fact that both World Wars were actually caused by Germany's attempt to achieve European Integration in 1914 and 1939, and that:

(1) WWI and WII were due to our lack of a credible war-fighting proved nuclear deterrent in the years 1914 and 1939,
(2) the threat to peace was from the Kaiser in 1914 and Hitler in 1939, who were attempting to impose a dictatorial EU 
(3) Clegg and friends falsely and ignorantly assume that the two World Wars were somehow the fault of "racist" Britain for not joining Germany in the effort to unite Europe in 1914 and 1939, ignoring the immense suffering that all attempts at European Union have always caused, from the Roman Empire to Napoleon!

This topsy-turvy kind of history, used to defend the EUSSR as being somehow a force for peace (when in fact it is the opposite, i.e. triggering the Ukraine crisis by pushing the EU right up to Putin's Western borders), is described as doublethink by Mr George Orwell and by Mr Joe Public:

A YouGov survey found 68 per cent thought Mr Farage had come out on top, with Mr Clegg backed by just 27 per cent.  An ICM poll for the Guardian showed that 69 per cent gave it to Mr Farage, and 31 per cent the Deputy Prime Minister. That was a significantly wider margin than the Ukip leader won by last week, in the first of two debates on Europe. Devastatingly for the Lib Dems, of people who voted for them in 2010, 55 per cent preferred Mr Farage, according to ICM.


... Farage mounted a full-throated attack on EU foreign policy and a called for an end to British military intervention. He told the deputy prime minister: "You were absolutely hellbent on getting involved militarily in the war in Syria, and I personally am delighted we didn't go to war in Syria, and we're not going to get involved, I hope, in military conflict in theUkraine. The British people have had enough of endless foreign military interventions." -Guardian.

In September 1938, the nearly 4 million Germans living near the German borders of Czechoslovakia provided Hitler with his excuse to invade, just as last month Putin used the Russians in the Crimean region of the Ukraine as the excuse to invade.  Immigration can cause World War, nuclear war.  Immigration of British into Ireland had created today's divided Ireland, after much terrorism.  The same could be said for all the Middle East tensions and wars between Sunni and Shia Moslem sects, where countries with large immigrant populations had to be held together with the iron fists of dictators like Saddam, Gadaffi, Mubarak, and Assad, turning into brutal civil wars when secret police were disbanded.  Immigration issues also caused the fatal Serbian assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 which provided the Kaiser with the excuse of pushing Austria into declaring war on Serbia, so that Germany had a plausible-excuse for mobilization and war.  In 1923, Greece and Turkey swapped their Christian and Moslem immigrants at great hardship to the relocated peoples, in order to make Greece Christian and Turkey Moslem, to defuse ethnic tensions.  The bottom line is: like a marriage, there are limits of tolerance and trying to force people with totally different social customs to live together in a limited area and in a time of austerity is a fuse for conflict and war.  If you're in an hopeless relationship, go and burn your bridges, or abuse may occur!  You can't live with fascists or reds under the beds if you're a genuine liberty loving democrat.

When the chips go down economically, we're in a worse position now than at any time during the Cold War (we actually had nuclear superiority at the time of the Cuban Missiles Crisis in 1962):

(1) this time Russia is rich from new oil and gas, so it can't be sunk economically like the USSR was by Reagan and Maggie's arms race, since UK and USA have really massive, unprecedented national debts now,

(2) this time the failure of anti-nuclear proliferation treaties have created the Crimean crisis (due to the 1994 withdrawl of nuclear missiles from Ukraine in exchange for a protection treaty of Ukraine's borders including Crimea, signed by UK and USA as well as Russia)

(3) nuclear weapons and ICBM range missiles have been tested successfully by North Korea, which is verging on a new Korean War, and the last Korean War in 1950-3 was only stopped when president Eisenhower's administration threatened to ship atomic weapons to Korea and trained marines in nuclear combat at Nevada nuclear tests. Today we are facing a nuclear North Korea, and probably a nuclear Iran, as well as hostile China due to the Japanese islands that are disputed by China and protected by USA agreement, and a rich Russia backing butcher Assad in Syria, with Moscow protected by ABM and a massive red army

(4) in WWIII, an alliance of North Korea, Iran, Russia and China against the West (UK and USA, forgetting yellow France which capitulated in 1940 and only fought underground resistance during WWII) will soon expend our nuclear stockpiles and then we will be invaded and literally outrun.

"... much of the apocalyptic nuclear rhetoric has been of a mythical nature. It claims to be against violence and nuclear warfare, while at the same time pushing the fear and hysteria that it claims to be against." – Susan Miller

Left wingers are fear-mongering and promoting nuclear hysteria for their own ends. This coincides with nuclear deterrence, so the government largely keeps quiet and doesn't oppose the nuclear hysteria. However, this lying fails: 

1. Hysteria over gas bombs in the 1930s caused British pacifism, which allowed Hitler to rearm without effective opposition (as Kahn says, Hitler's illegal rearmament could and should have been stopped in 1935 or before). 

2. Allowing lies and exaggerations of weapons effects to go unopposed is not only a disproved war-avoiding strategy, it is anti-democratic. 

The pushers of fear and hysteria cater to popular prejudices today just as witchcraft was catered for by media pundits centuries ago.

These people ask rhetorical questions as sneers, then stop you replying. The objective of the rhetorical question is to "ridicule you" for daring to question orthodoxy and dogma. You are then silenced from replying and pointing out the errors and false assumptions implicit in the question.   What happens as a result is that most of the students come away learning to copy the bad habits of the poker-faced orthodoxy-prone teachers, a case of the students learning bad habits. "Do as I say, not as I do", simply doesn't wash. We need teachers in schools who set a good example, not depressed bigots who set a poker-faced dictatorial example, like the old USSR's apparatchik, Andrei "poker faced" Gromeyko!  They're all instruments or apparatchiks of the corrupted science of Marxist-dogma KGB. 

Who cares? That's what everybody said in September 1938 when Hitler just corrected his border with Czechoslovakia to incorporate 4 million Germans who were living in the Sudentenland. Over the next year, however, Germany produced many more aircraft and bombs than Britain, then people began to care, too late. The problem with appeasement is that it encourages aggression. Nobody cares about Ukraine, but they should damn well care about sending Putin a message which says "you can take over the world because we're too yellow to stop you."

“Reliance on The Effects of Nuclear Weapons for valid conclusions has its shortcomings. For example, in the 1954 test series in the Pacific, I was on the deck of the YAG-39 which was on station at about twenty miles from the shot point of a detonation with a yield near ten megatons. The thermal flash did not produce the predicted second degree burn on the back of my neck or indeed any discomfort at all.”

- Dr Carl F. Miller, Dialogue, Scientist and Citizen, vol. 8, combined issues 4-5 (February-March 1966), page 17.

That quotation is from the popular British civil defence book by the British mathematician and computer programmer Peter Laurie, "Beneath the City Streets" (several editions from 1970-1983).

Laurie's book began in 1967, before the UK Civil Defence Corps was closed down by Labour in March 1968, when he was commissioned by the editor of The Sunday Time magazine to write a long scientific article on nuclear weapons effects and civil defence effectiveness, to counter the CND propaganda film made by Peter Watkins for the BBC, called "The War Game". Laurie used Dr Carl F. Miller's writings (Miller's research on nuclear weapons effects at Pacific and Nevada nuclear tests, including measuring the initial radiation one mile from Plumbbob-Diablo in 1957, entailed repeated exposures to very high dose rates, above the damage threshold for DNA repair enzymes, costing his life due to leukemia), together with British Home Office Scientific Advisory Branch civil defence research at both British nuclear tests and in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, on the shadowing of the thermal and radiation effects by modern city skyscrapers, to prove Hiroshima devastation is a thing of the past..

CND hit back with communist party member and CND committee member Phil Bolsover writing the official 1980 and 1982 (two completely revised versions) CND book, "Civil Defence: The Cruellest Confidence Trick", which exaggerated nuclear effects and tried to ridicule civil defence, but ignoring the facts and hyping abused statistics and quotations from ignorant personalities and liars. Then in 1983, left-wing Duncan Campbell wrote "War Plan UK: The Truth About Civil Defence in Britain" which was based on Phil Bolsover's communist USSR lies for propaganda.

The problem is that "science" has always been and always will be abused and manipulated by politics!