Effects of nuclear weapons: the factual truth compiled from declassified reports
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  • Hiroshima's air raid shelters were unoccupied because Japanese Army officers were having breakfast when B29s were detected far away, says Yoshie Oka, the operator of the Hiroshima air raid sirens on 6 August 1945...

  • In 1,881 burns cases in Hiroshima, only 17 (or 0.9 percent) were due to ignited clothing and 15 (or 0.7%) were due to the firestorm flames...

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  • 800 war migrants drowned on 22 April by EU policy:...

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    "There has never been a war yet which, if the facts had been put calmly before the ordinary folk, could not have been prevented." - British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, House of Commons Debate on Foreign Affairs, Hansard, 23 November 1945, column 786 (unfortunately secret Cabinet committees called "democracy" for propaganda purposes have not been quite so successful in preventing war). Protection is needed against collateral civilian damage and contamination in conventional, chemical and nuclear attack, with credible low yield clean nuclear deterrence against conventional warfare which, in reality (not science fiction) costs far more lives. Anti scientific media, who promulgate and exploit terrorism for profit, censor (1) vital, effective civil defense knowledge and (2) effective, safe, low yield air burst clean weapons like the Mk54 and W79 which deter conventional warfare and escalation, allowing arms negotiations from a position of strength. This helped end the Cold War in the 1980s. Opposing civil defense and nuclear weapons that really deter conventional war, is complacent and dangerous.

    War and coercion dangers have not stemmed from those who openly attack mainstream mistakes, but from those who camouflage themselves as freedom fighters to ban such free criticism itself, by making the key facts seem taboo, without even a proper debate, let alone financing research into unfashionable alternatives. Research and education in non-mainstream alternatives is needed before an unprejudiced debate, to establish all the basic facts for a real debate. “Wisdom itself cannot flourish, nor even truth be determined, without the give and take of debate and criticism.” – Robert Oppenheimer (quotation from the H-bomb TV debate hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt, 12 February 1950).

    “Apologies for freedom? I can’t handle this! ... Deal from strength or get crushed every time ... Freedom demands liberty everywhere. I’m thinking, you see, it’s not so easy. But we have to stand up tall and answer freedom’s call!” – Freedom Kids

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    British type civil defence evacuation in WWII did not occur in Hiroshima and IS relevant for credible nuclear deterrence, contrary to CND's Jeremy Corbyn rants against civil defence

    1. On 1 September 1939 as Germany invaded Poland, prior to declaring war on Germany we began the train based evacuation of one and a half million kids from target cities.

    2. Despite the fact that German bombers could reach Britain faster than evacuation could occur, this did not provoke a "knockout blow" against the dispersing trains of evacuees.  On the contrary, by reducing British city vulnerability by a combination of evacuating vulnerable people and by issuing gas masks and shelters, bombing was delayed for nearly a year.

    3. Evacuation again occurred during the actual Blitz air raids, which were equivalent, in damage and casualty risks (which don't scale linearly with energy yield), to four separate one megaton bombs dropped on London (London alone received about 18.8 kilotons in roughly 188 thousand separate 100 kg explosives in the 1940 Blitz: 188,000(10-7)2/3 = 4 thermonuclear weapons, each 1 megaton, a provable physics fact way beyond Jeremy Corbyn's CND and the popular media), in late 1940, and also during the V1 cruise missile and finally V2 IRBM attacks which peaked with over a million evacuated in September 1944 (see official history graph above, which is from: Richard Titmuss, Problems of social policy, 1950, page 356).

    4. In Hiroshima, there was no evacuation, and the bureaucratic politics of issuing the air raid warning prevented it being sounded in time to get people into shelters which survived.  Most burns could have been avoided by duck and cover, because they were flash (profile) burns, not firestorm burns.  Also in Syria, most of the casualties in the civil war are occurring because there is no organized effective evacuation and sheltering: a lack of civil defence.  Similarly, we invaded Iraq with enormous casualties and expense because Tony Blair avoided the relatively cheap war-proof-tested civil defence corps solution which his predecessor Clement Attlee used in 1949 in response to the Russian nuclear threat.  It would have been cheaper and safer to restart the civil defence corps against the hyped up threat of Saddam's sarin nerve gas in Scud missiles.  But Tony Blair had been deluded as a CND member by propaganda that civil defence is a fraud, and ignored civil defence as a credible alternative to a costly war.  The blame is with anti-civil defence CND.

    5. Contrary to Fred Kaplan's and CND's anti-civil defence evacuation ranting, the protected second strike nuclear deterrent prevents an aggressor from gaining by a first strike, so evacuation remains practical.  As in 1939, where we evacuated kids from London and other cities in Operation Pied Piper on 1 September before declaring war on 3 September, city evacuation is not a race against enemy bombers or V1/V2/ICBM missiles which arrive in a matter of minutes.

    In any case, the British Civil Defence Corps 1957 publication Radioactive fallout: provisional scheme of public control planned evacuation of heavy fallout "Z Zone" areas downwind after the explosions not before them (where the dose rate is above 1000 R/hr at 1 hour after burst, or 10 R/hr at 48 hours, allowing for the correct decay rate).  Likewise, in WWII plans were made to evacuate areas contaminated with slowly-evaporating mustard gas, and where the houses were totally destroyed by heavy bombing (while people were in shelters).  Hence, the speed of a missile is irrelevant, and does not "ridicule" evacuation plans. (CND attacks on evacuation planning often end with the sneer that the traffic jams on the roads out of any city on a Friday afternoon before a Bank Holiday weekend somehow debunk evacuation planning.  On the contrary, they prove that huge numbers do migrate regularly without any coordination or planning, and in a coordinated, properly planned for emergency situation, broken down or crashed vehicles can easily be shunted to the sides of major roads to clear major congestion bottlenecks and save lives.)

    6. The Jeremy Corbyn style of politically biased, fanatically ignorance based propaganda to "shut down the argument" just proves where he can't defend himself with rational truth.  We should be spreading our wartime proved civil defence information and help to all war zones to avert the refugee crises, instead of using pseudo "socialist" hate attacks on the truth from deluded folks who are effectively warmongers, since they are against credible deterrence (a stance which has led to the wars) and their hate-propaganda supports racist terrorists.

    Billeting research, for allocating evacuees to homes or communal shelters outside potential target city areas, is done prior to evacuation.  These civil defence countermeasures are useful for both conventional and nuclear war. 

    Vague utopian dreams of peaceful unity have cost millions of lives and ruined whole economies 

    "The bodies had piled up with each new vision of European unity: 184,000 in the Franco-Prussian war, 8 million in the First World War, 40 million in the Second World War.  Grand plans and charisma had almost extinguished a continent. ... The key was Jean Monnet, a small, unprepossessing, stocky French official ... Monnet's contribution was a vision ... He let the fear of conflict drive European unity and left its goal vague ... Monnet had worked in the disastrous League of Nations after the First World War ..."

    - Mark Leonard, Why Europe will run the 21st century, Fourth Estate, London, 2005, pp. 9-10 (emphasis added).

    Leonard's book is a biased sales pitch for the European Union, ignoring the fact that its vague goal (which he sees as genius) allows its protection racket to create wars in Africa, the Ukraine and the Middle East.  Indeed, the European Union is allowing the USSR's disastrous centralised economy to destabilise the world, causing the refugee crisis and millions of unnecessary deaths in conflicts driven by poverty:  The EU has caused the African economic crisis that has become a migrant flow through Libya.  The EU is causing the migrant crisis by a protection racket of subsidies and trade regulations, keeping Africa desperately poor, according to James Cleverly: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/26/eu-is-responsible-for-using-taxpayers-money-to-undercut-african/  Mrs Merkel invited a million refugees to pay through the nose to risk their lives in overcrowded boats run by human traffickers, causing many people to drown.

    Leonard then titles Chapter 3: "Europe's Weapon is the Law".  Criminals and criminal states break laws.  Nobody human can even remember all the regulatory laws the EU passes every year, let alone afford trial cases to ensure it is interpreting them "correctly", so immediately it is absurd: the whole point of the ten commandments was that people could know and remember the law.  Once law making becomes a professional industry, laws profit the lawyers and the rich who can afford the expense of using the law effectively.  Laws are continually being broken,and prisons are always overcrowded.  International laws have repeatedly proved worthless unless the root causes are addressed and invasions are prevented or stopped by credible deterrence, which means enforcement of justice.  Weapons inspections in Iraq continually failed to produce credible confidence, leading to war.  Anyone who believes in millions of rules, regulations and laws is a charlatan; anyone who believes in laws without enforcement is criminal.  Only monolithic big business can afford immense legal teams to study the laws and they are the ones who wield them effectively to silence their opponents, which is why they support the EU,  along with expensive patent law, and other methods to subdue small competitors who cannot afford lawyers.  Rules and laws for peacekeeping backfire:

    "In July 1995, what was supposed to be a United Nations Safe Area became a mass grave. While the 'blue helmets' looked on powerlessly, the Bosnian Serb army ... murdered over seven thousand [in Srebrenica, over a 5 day period] ... The European obsession with rules was cynically manipulated by the Serbs, who scrupulously avoided firing at any UN troops when the overran the town.  This mean that, under the UN's rules of engagement, European soldiers were not authorized to shoot at the Serbs, or respond ..."

    - Mark Leonard, Why Europe will run the 21st century, Fourth Estate, London, 2005, pp. 57-58 (emphasis added).

    You find a similar manipulation of the laws by all criminals.  But the real disaster for Mark Leonard's 2005 book Why Europe will run the 21st century, is his description of how Georgia avoided war in 2003 by using a European Union-style peaceful revolution to replace pro-Russian hardliner Eduard Shevardnadze with American-educated pro-European Union Mikhail Saakashvili:

    "Roses became the symbol of a revolution that swept through Georgia in November 2003. ... when the protesting students handed their roses to the soldiers. ... The leader of the revolution, Mikhail Saakashvili ... was elected by a landslide: securing more than 96 percent of the vote.  His promise to the people of Georgia was to bring the country into the European mainstream: '... The EU should welcome us ...'  A year later their neighbours in Ukraine launched an 'Orange Revolution' in similar circumstances, with the reformist leader Viktor Yushchenko basing his campaign on the promise of a European future. ... Throughout the Arab world, the media buzzed with envy ... Sa'ad Mahyew wrote in the UAE daily Al-Khaleej: 'Why aren't Arab societies experiencing revolutions similar? ... Why has the Arab region still not spouted democratic and liberal movements offering the Arab peoples an alternative to the existing variety of despotism and authoritarian regimes?' "

    - Mark Leonard, Why Europe will run the 21st century, Fourth Estate, London, 2005, pp. 101-102.

    Ever since Leonard's utopian pro-European Union brainwashing book was published in 2005, everything he wrote about the European Union's move toward Georgia, Ukraine and also the crises of civil wars in Arab countries, have debunked his rant:

    1. The peaceful "rose revolution" of 2003 Georgia gave way to the 2008 Russian-Georgia war,

    2. the Ukrainian peaceful "Orange Revolution" gave way to an ongoing Russian invasion of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, while

    3. the efforts to bring about peaceful democratic revolutions in bad Arabic dictatorships such as Libya and Syria caused ongoing civil wars, displacing millions of refugees into Europe.

    Here is the proof that the methods, lawyer culture and ideals of the European Union bring disaster.  The main problem is the use of taboos to ban debates on EU methodology, a very bad groupthink agenda.  All laws in Europe are proposed not by the democratically elected European Union (which merely has a choice of whether to rubber stamp law), but in the unelected, secretive, bureaucratic European Commission:

    “Yes, the Commission wants to increase its powers. Yes, it is a non-elected body and I do not want the Commission to increase its powers at the expense of the House, so of course we differ. The President of the Commission, Mr. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community, he wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No.”

    - Prime Minister Thatcher, 30 October 1990, House of Commons, 1990, column 873.

    Thatcher was ousted a few weeks later by pro-EU rivals on this issue, and John Major led Britain into the disastrous Maastricht Treaty, leading to a single European currency (the Euro) and thus to virtual bankrupcy for the Greek, Spanish, Irish and Portugese economies, and leading in 1993 to Delors' European Union as a democratic smokescreen for the European Commission, a USSR style secretive, bureaucratic, Polituburo.  This is not a "United States of Europe": as for the Third Reich or for the USSR, the citizens of the European Union don't elect any law instigators (the European Commission members who secretly propose laws), and they don't have a vote for the president.  There is simply no comparison between the EU to the USA.

    The bureaucratic zealots of the EU, like their friend Mark Leonard and also Marxists disguised as CND peace leaders, stand in the way of the measures needed to resolve the world's problems.  They block discussions, they block democracy, and they block progress of humanity itself.  Their actions lead to many wars costing millions of lives and displacing missions of refugees.  They have no interest in the humanity of providing effective civil defence to save lives in war zones, and to the credible deterrence of invasions.  Their groupthink utopia, which has repeatedly failed, blinds them to reality of Cold War proved credible deterrence, the tactical nuclear weapons that really stop invasions and drive dictators to serious peace talks.

    (To be continued...)