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Friday, October 28, 2016

NEWS: declassified clean nuclear weapons fallout safety proof, hate attacks by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's ignorant racist Jeremy Corbyn's anti-Jew, anti-Capitalism Left Whinging CND "Momentum" ranters, who bolster Democratic threat to World Peace


Jeremy Corbyn, Israel And Anti-Semitism By Dave Rich Biteback Publishing, £12.99

If you had said a year ago that a book entitled The Left’s Jewish Problem would be essential reading for anyone seeking to understand modern British politics you might have been dismissed as mad. Labour’s previous leader Ed Miliband was Jewish and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were both philo-Semites.

However the picture is very different today. It may seem almost inconceivable that in 2016 we still have to think about anti-Semitism as a significant issue, let alone among supposedly educated and progressive people. Yet that is exactly where we now stand.The election last September of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has coincided with a torrent of anti-Semitism being exposed among Labour members and supporters – whether it is Ken Livingstone talking repeatedly about Hitler as a proto-Zionist or Momentum-steering committee member Jackie Walker claiming that Jews were behind the slave trade.

Jeremy Corbyn might say he hates all forms of racism but his actions – or rather inactions – show he either doesn’t care at all about anti-Semitism or at least he doesn’t care enough to do anything serious about it.

As the Home Affairs Select Committee’s recent report put it, he has “created what some have referred to as a ‘safe space’ for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people”.

It’s this context that makes Dave Rich’s book so important. He shows how the Left’s problem with Jews, often couched as a problem with Israel, goes back decades. For most of that time the Corbynite wing of the party was an irrelevance so its poisonous mindset was equally irrelevant.

But with Corbyn’s rise to the leadership its attitudes were suddenly central to the outlook of the official opposition. Rich’s fine new book stands alongside Nick Cohen’s What’s Left? as two essential tools to understanding the modern Left. It is no criticism of either to say they are equally depressing. 

VERDICT: 5/5STEPHEN POLLARD Stephen Pollard is editor of the Jewish Chronicle


PDF file of full document is linked here.  Courtesy of the Nevada testing archive, NNSA/NSO Nuclear Testing Archive document 110837, FALLOUT STUDIES IN OPERATION REDWING: extensive ocean and island fallout sampling at Bikini Atoll for dirty (uranium-238 pusher about lithium deuteride) bombs 5 Megaton TEWA (87% fission) and 365 kiloton FLATHEAD (73% fission), and clean (lead pusher) bombs ZUNI (15% fission) and NAVAJO (5% fission).

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10 hour doses corrected to land from dirty (87% fission) 5 megaton TEWA.  Hotspot under mushroom cloud stem is 2500 R or 2500 cGy, lethal.  However, a concrete building with a protective factor of 40 will reduce that to 2500/40= 62.5 R = 0.625 Gy, which causes no deaths. In nuclear city air burst Hiroshima (6 August 1945), for 3963 people with 0.5-1 Gy, there were a total of 30 leukemia deaths up to the year 2000, 55 years after exposure, which is about a 1% risk including natural leukemias (Source: REFF, which adds: "As of the year 2000, there were 204 leukemia deaths among 49,204 LSS survivors with a bone marrow dose of at least 0.005 Gy, an excess of 94 cases (46%) attributable to A-bomb radiation (Table)."  Note: 204 out of 49,204 is 0.41%.)  Now consider a clean bomb, ZUNI (15% fission, 3.53 megatons total yield, mainly fusion):

Zuni 10 hour doses are survivable everywhere: even the highest doses directly downwind give a high chance of survival in a concrete city where the surface irregularities like concrete buildings and rubble from blast demolished brick houses will attenuate over half of the radiation.  In addition, people walking away in a densely packed crowd will shield each other from almost half of the dose they would get individually, since 90% of the gamma rays are coming almost horizontally, directly from deposited fallout (only about 10% is downward coming, air scattered gamma rays, due to the Compton effect).

Even if you are in a jet airliner encountering the ZUNI mushroom cloud at 60,000 feet, 7 minutes after the explosion, there is data on the radiation level you get, because America fired radiation meters with radio transmitter telemetry in rockets through the mushroom cloud at 7 and 15 minutes after the burst (aircraft only entered later, to reduce the radiation dose to human crew during the tests):

I'll blog about the details in that document in the next post.  (Note, however, that it is the fallout patterns source cited by Terry Triffet and Philip D. LaRiviere in their monumental 1961 dated report WT-1317, Characterization of Fallout, as well as Triffet's June 1959 congressional testimony.  Note that Triffet was there at Bikini in 1956, doing the measurements.  Also, note that the alternative, disjointed fallout maps in the compilation DASA-1251 come merely from the ocean survey data in WT-1316, and do not reconcile all sources of fallout data into a consistent whole.)

Now, warmongering.

Even good news is bad news for Don Triumph so we need to prepare for the beautiful warmonger instead of billionaire businessman. See: :-)…/us-economy-2016-third-quarter-tru… Again, a brief summary of Hillary's trigger-happy "defence" policy by an Irish correspondent:
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Nige Cook Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is a poker faced propagandarist whose lies put to shame the similar poker-faced Cold War USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs (1957-85) Andrei Gromyko. But he sure knows how to stoke up trouble with the EU. I'm no EUSSR lover, but he is practically declaring verbal war even before Bill's wife is formally elected President on 8 November. What will she do? Pretend, like Hitler in June 1941 that the Russia military equipment is so outdated that one kick will make the Kremlin dissolve into dust? I hope for God's sake that she has a better plan than either war, or the kind of brainless sanctions the USA used against Japan after it invaded China, which led to Pearl Harbor. Reagan countered the 1980s threat sucessfully by the CREDIBLE DETERRENCE from deploying in Western Europe low-yield, clean, air burst tank-busting W79 neutron bombs. It's time to nuke the anti-deterrence propaganda from CND's anti-Jew, anti-Capitalist racists like New Labour's Jerry C.
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Nige Cook Jews quit but the terrorists applaud Jerry C:
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Nige Cook This is the "good" news to the extremist hate mongering warmongers in the Democratic Party and Jerry C's "Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (aka anti-deterrence, pro war nutters):
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Nige Cook Jerry C aka "Momentum" gang leader is elected by rich London foreigners and elitist Labour Party Members who pay for it and refuse free vote democracy. The truth is, anti-Jew Momentum thugs beat up Polish Jew immigrants then blame Brexit supporters, while the police refuse to arrest him for hate preaching hate to England because he is an MP. Racist thug.
Nige Cook's photo.

General Sir Richard Shirreff's new bestseller "War with Russia" predicts that in 2017 the new anti-Russian president will go from starting the Libyan civil war terrorism by exceeding Obama's orders to escalating tensions with Russia until war breaks out, a repeat if the 1941 situation (American "peaceful" sanctions on Japan after it invaded China led to Pearl on 7 Dec, hence WWII). Don Triumph wants instead to remove sanctions on Russia in exchange for reducing Russian bombing of kids in Syria. Now WikiLeaks exposes the new Watergate, the new faked hate lies against the man who can end wars started by her, the conspiracy that dwarfs the deleted emails scandal, the scam that makes you ask, "if she bombs and conspires with the media before election, what will that deceit lead to when she is elected?" 👈

The Democrats have been planning the “Grope hit” on Trump for a very long time now. As we’ve said all along these “groping stories” are FAKE. This proves it. Back…
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Suleman Pervez SInister scary shit
Nige Cook The professional media agenda is to support warmongers like since it sells papers and "justifies journalism", in the way that ineffective law enforcement creates crime that "justifies the legal profession", and the ineffectual UN creates wars to "justify peacekeeping efforts". Plus, another example for Parkinson's Law, the string theorists must keep promoting failed crap to "justify more money for bigger particle research experiments" as Dogbert explains to Dilbert (credit: Scott Adams cartoon):
Nige Cook Of course the big one was eugenics quack and Medical Nobel Laureate Dr Alexis Carrell who promoted the gassing of millions of Jews after the 1935 Nuremberg laws, in his bestseller Man the unknown. He died awaiting trial for collaboration, and like Stalin's murdering 6 times as many Jews as Hitler, 20-40 million Ukrainians and others, as compared to 6 million for Hitler, this is all being edited out of left whinger revisionist modern history books. Just fulfilling George Orwell's prophecy about So-called Demicrats. 😉
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Trump calling Hillary a great lady (in 2008, BEFORE she bombed Libya into civil war):

ELECTION BREAKING: Video Footage Just Released That Trump Wants REMOVED From The Internet – SEE IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED Wow, the hits keep coming! CNN has a n...
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Nige Cook Hillary did some after Don Triumph spoke in 2008:
Nige Cook On the other hand, she is hardly the only Western leader to set off terrorism & war:
Nige Cook Another example of support by terrorists to politicians:
Nige Cook And another one we voted in whose legacy is terrorism

Disgusting terminology. Brexit was not magnificent! It was awesome 😉

Europe and Britain continue to thrash through the fallout from the British public's decision to leave the EU four months ago, but as far as Morrissey's concerned, the results were "