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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Gas masks or EH20 escape hoods as an alternative to economic disruption due to coronavirus covid-19

UPDATE: see "Rational use of face masks in the COVID-19 pandemic", The Lancet, Britain's premier medical journal, "It would be reasonable to suggest vulnerable individuals avoid crowded areas and use surgical face masks rationally when exposed to high-risk areas. ... In addition, vulnerable populations, such as older adults and those with underlying medical conditions, should wear face masks if available. Universal use of face masks could be considered if supplies permit. In parallel, urgent research on the duration of protection of face masks, the measures to prolong life of disposable masks, and the invention on reusable masks should be encouraged. Taiwan had the foresight to create a large stockpile of face masks; other countries or regions might now consider this as part of future pandemic plans."

The immense success of Taiwan's mask policy, just 379 cases of covid-19, should make Taiwan the world's model for ending the covid-19 pandemic, please see "Despite being shut out of WHO [WHO refuses to recommend masks to end the pandemic], Taiwan has largely succeeded in containing the coronavirus. ... On April 1, Taiwan announced it would donate 10 million masks to the United States, 11 European countries, and its diplomatic allies. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that a second batch of six million masks would be donated to countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas."

"This study focussed on the effectiveness of surgical masks against a range of airborne particles. Using separate tests to measure levels of inert particles and live aerosolised influenza virus, our findings show that surgical masks provide around a 6-fold reduction in exposure. Live viruses could be detected in the air behind all surgical masks tested. By contrast, properly fitted respirators could provide at least a 100-fold reduction. "

- UK Government Health and Safety Executive, Research Report RR619, Evaluating the protection afforded by surgical masks against influenza bioaerosols - Gross protection of surgical masks compared to filtering facepiece respirators,

Weird that the UK Government and BBC ignores this report, claiming falsely to maximise deaths that there is "no evidence" to prove that virus inhalation is reduced by respirators by a factor of 100, a complete lie! Note that the mass of viruses in typical sneeze water droplets is insignificant, so the physical action of the mask in both influenza and covid-19 is the same mechanism regardless of the chemical structure of the different viruses: filtering out typical sub-millimetre diameter water droplets. The viruses contained in those small water droplets are an insignificant percentage of the mass in either case, so although the different respiratory disease viruses do have a different biological infectivity (i.e. probability of locking on to receptors on the surface of cells), the physical filtering efficiency of a gas mask will be the same in each case, for the similar sized water carrier droplets being considered.

(The tiny mass of viruses in the contaminating water droplets is analogous to the tiny mass of actual radioactive nuclides in fallout particles of soil or water; the physical macroscopic characteristics of the contaminant and the ability to filter it using masks is determined by the carrier material which forms the greater mass by far, not by the tiny mass of the virus or radioactive nuclide in it.)

Therefore, experiments on filtering influenza water droplets are applicable to covid-19 virus droplets of similar size; the droplet size distribution is determined by whether the person is talking, coughing or sneezing, not by the type of respiratory disease virus. This is straightforward physics, not speculation.

The flu viruses have an effective diameter less than one micron (i.e. one millionth of a metre). Therefore, the flu virus has a diameter less than 1/1000th of 1 mm diameter water droplet emitted in a sneeze. The respirator works by filtering the water droplets, and the size or shape of the tiny viruses in the water droplets is irrelevant. As the water droplet trapped in the filter of a respirator dries, the virus does not evaporate with the water, but adheres to micro-relief pores in the fibres of the filter.

Covid viruses are the largest known RNA viruses, 30 kilobase-long single stranded RNA, i.e. they are about 10 microns long (since 1 kbase is about 0.33 microns), so they are LARGER than flu and where the physical size of the virus plays a part (for very small exhaled droplets) they will therefore be EASIER to filter than flu viruses. The larger the particle, the easier it is to filter it out:

Typical viruses range from 30nm to 300nm in diameter: filters in respirators capture the considerably larger sized water / mucus droplets which contain the virus.  Therefore, filtering is effective against a range of respiratory viruses, irrespective of the specific structure of the particular virus.  So data from influenza virus filtering is also in general applicable to coronavirus / covid-19.
Probability of deposition of particles of different sizes in different parts of the lung as a function of particle size, a graph and diagram from the 22-26 June 1959 US Congressional Hearings on Biological effects of war (testimony by Dr Stanton Cohn of Brookhaven National Laboratory, based upon studies of inhalation of radioactive tracer particles), which we uploaded to Internet Archive years ago (linked here). For 5 micron diameter inhaled particles, 50% go straight into the lung (the alveolar sacs are 300 microns / 0.3 mm in diameter). For particles of larger size than 5 microns diameter, most adhere in the upper respiratory tract, not the lungs. For very small particles 0.5 micron diameter, some particles inhaled can be exhaled without being retained (this happens with cigarette smoke, for example, where very small particles inhaled are then exhaled without being retained). Extensive research of this type was done at places like Porton in the Cold War for nuclear, chemical particles (some chemical war agents are actually small droplets or particles of smoke, not gas) and biological war agents like viruses sprayed in liquid aerosols from aircraft (Peter Hammond and Gradon Carter, "From Biological Warfare to Healthcare: Porton Down, 1940-2000", Palgrave). Effective CBRN war respirators are therefore needed for small particles, which will not always be filtered out by the smaller filtering layer in simple surgical masks. This is particularly true for those with weak immune systems (the old and those with underlying health issues, such as people undergoing cancer treatments which affect immune response), for whom the infectious dose of virus is smaller than it is in people with stronger immune systems (that can respond must faster).

British Medical Journal, "Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis" - point out that the precautionary principle argues that when thousands of lives are at stake it is better to be safe than sorry, so we need masks for the same reason that we have lifeboats, seat belts, smoke detectors, etc:

"In conclusion, in the face of a pandemic the search for perfect evidence may be the enemy of good policy. As with parachutes for jumping out of aeroplanes, it is time to act without waiting for randomised controlled trial evidence. A recently posted preprint of a systematic review came to the same conclusion. Masks are simple, cheap, and potentially effective. We believe that, worn both in the home (particularly by the person showing symptoms) and also outside the home in situations where meeting others is likely (for example, shopping, public transport), they could have a substantial impact on transmission with a relatively small impact on social and economic life."

Wow!  They never took that approach to civil defence in the cold war, when they believed USSR propaganda to make the UK vulnerable!  The convoluted argument of WHO is that car seat belts make people have more accidents by lulling them into a false sense of security, the same as the anti-gas mask argument.  A soldier given a gas mask is not more likely to start a gas war; the other side is less likely to! The idea that the public, properly protected, will spread disease is purely lying Marxist propaganda with no evidence to support it.  WHO are rejecting the evidence using a debunked argument based on lies.

Propaganda, anti-mask "fake news" spread to mislead the public by The Guardian and the BBC endlessly parrots WHO deceptions, since they are backed by pro-Marxist political propaganda lobbies which falsely claim that people should be misinformed about masks because all available masks should be reserved for medics (treatment, not prevention of the vulnerable from getting infected and needing treatment in the first place):

Fake news spreading Marxist paper The Guardian hypes up the WHO deception that there is "no evidence" that masks protect healthy people against covid-19.  What they should say is that there is no evidence that washing hands and staying 2 metres apart is actually proved to stops all transmission (even the UK government only claims that this is just a measure to reduce the reproduction number to stagger the number of deaths over a longer period of time by "flattening the curve" to avoid an overload of ventilator capacity at any given time, NOT to stop infections and deaths altogether), but proper filtering has been proved to reduce airborne viral transmission by more than a factor of 100, which could quickly stop the pandemic:

Above: why washing hands and keeping 2 metres social distancing will NOT stop deaths from covid-19: droplets and covid-19 respiratory aerosols indoors build up in concentration (the finer aerosols get deeper into the lungs than the larger droplets, so are not safer), and spread far further than 2 metres through the air, not just by hands.  But propagandarist BBC's David Shukman circulates deceptive propaganda in the form of "strawman" arguments against masks in which he shows the video of covid-19 droplets spreading (above pic) and then some NHS "expert" or other states that "on balance, people don't need masks outdoors", even though it is about indoor contamination of air in hospital corridors, waiting rooms at surgeries, diagnosis and rooms for cancer or heart disease, supermarkets, shops, offices, buses, trains, tubes, care homes, etc.  This sadly is deliberate Dr Goebbels style lying, because we could END the pandemic by the massive reduction of the reproduction number of the virus if we all wore efficient droplet filtering gas masks for a week (because, outside the body, the virus only survives a few days on most surfaces except in a refrigerator):

Daily Mail's 17 April 2020 "Why don't we MASK out virus?" cover story for covid-19 end of lockdown scheme. Old news! I blogged this over a month ago: "Gas masks or EH20 escape hoods as an alternative to economic disruption due to coronavirus covid-19" - Glad they have eventually got the basic idea! ;-)

Daily Mail, 22 April 2020: Because the UK Government is not recommending that vulnerable people wear effective covid-19 protective masks when travelling for cancer diagnosis or treatment or heart treatment, 2700 cancers may be missed a week, and hospital admissions have fallen in the UK, indicating that vulnerable people are avoiding the risk of covid-19 contagion by not going to hospital for other diagnoses and treatments (Daily Mail, 22 April 2020).  Therefore, the total death rate due to side effects of the virus and deaths outside hospitals may be higher, due to people dying from diseases sidelined by covid-19.

This may also imply that the recent fall in hospital admissions in London is not an indication that the pandemic is over, but that fall is instead at least partly due to people avoiding covid-19 infected hospitals like the plague (no pun intended).  Even people with symptoms that could be flu/covid-19, who are currently not allowed to be tested outside of hospital, may choose to stay from hospital, in the hope that they just have normal flu and would not prefer to risk getting covid-19 as well, if they went to hospital.  Therefore, vulnerable people will need to be protected to make it safe enough for them to attend hospital for diagnosis or treatment, or they will end up suffering and dying due to the WHO/BBC/Guardian "no masks" delusional propaganda.

Above: UK hospital covid-19 cases is falling because people without masks are now avoiding infected hospitals like the plague. The government however is viewing this data differently, claiming that because people are avoiding hospitals to try to reduce their risk of picking up infection, the pandemic is "under control".  Likewise, they claimed that the fall in tested cases due to their reduced testing policy (testing only hospital patients, not everyone with symptoms as in February) was "green shoots", and that the falling death rate in hospitals (due to people avoiding hospitals if at all possible and dying in homes, care centres, etc.) was good news that the pandemic was over without masks being needed to save lives.

Even the EU's European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in its 8 April 2020 technical report, "Using face masks in the community - Reducing COVID-19 transmission from potentially asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic people through the use of face masks", recommended in its Executive Summary: "The use of face masks in public may serve as a means of source control to reduce the spread of the infection in the community by minimising the excretion of respiratory droplets from infected individuals who have not yet developed symptoms or who remain asymptomatic. ... The use of face masks in the community could be considered, especially when visiting busy, closed spaces, such as grocery stores, shopping centres, or when using public transport, etc. ... Appropriate use of face masks is key for the effectiveness of the measure and can be improved through education campaigns."  (WHO by contrast considers the lay public incapable of using masks correctly, a belief not shared by the UK government in WW2 when 100% of the UK public were issued gas masks and informed how to use them safely.)

Above: UK death rate is very high.  America's death rate is higher due to a much larger population; America has 328 million whereas the UK only has 67 million, which is only 20% of America's population so despite superficial propaganda appearances of the Prime Minister's tweeted curves on this graph, the USA death rate per person is really way lower than in the UK.  Countries with high populations but mask wearing policies for people entering buildings, e.g. Germany, South Korea and China, have low death rates.

On 23 April 2020, The Sun newspaper also ignored WHO, BBC and Guardian anti-masks propaganda to run a front page article "WEAR A MASK"

How to modify an Avon UK EH20 CBN (chemical, biological and nuclear hazard) Escape Hood - stocked in large numbers by UK emergency services - into an easier to wear, practical eye shield and respirator for covid-19 coronavirus droplet filtering use. (Click on photo for larger view.)

Avon EH20 cheap surplus Chemical Biological Nuclear War Escape Hood respirator and eye shields modified into low-cost, comfortable and efficient covid-19 protective mask.
Avon Chemical, Nuclear, Biological and Radiological filter containers are relatively cheap - this one was £9.04 (see price label on this sealed container), when compared to the immense lock-down price per person for months of economic shut-down, and they are vacuum foil sealed which preserves the activated charcoal and filters inside indefinitely - they can easily be tested against smoke or chlorine gas (generated from household bleach + acid) to confirm when gas mask filters need replacing!  (The "best before" dates on sealed gas mask filters is just a rule for the date when they next need testing, not a date when they cease being serviceable!)  The actual gas mask has a soft rubber face seal which is comfortable to wear, can be wiped clean and fresh with antiseptic after each shift and re-used, saving waste, unlike less comfortable, less effective disposable paper masks!  They can also be kept by civilians ready for nuclear disasters or a repeat of the recent Salisbury Novichok nerve agent chemical warfare attacks, which was the policy for the UK Government during the entire Second World War (Germany had mustard gas and stockpiled 12K tons of tabun, a volatile nerve gas intended for London if the UK abandoned the legal demand on civilians to always carry their personal gas masks):


UK cumulative covid-19 cases doubling time has now fallen to about 2 days, going from 590 total cases on 12th to 1100 on 14th March: (graph below; please click on illustrations on this blog for a full-size view to load)

If this exponential rate continues, in 30 days there will be 1100 x 2^(30/2) = 36,000,000 cases (half the population). If the W.H.O. mortality rate figure of 3.4% applies, that is 0.034x36,000,000 = 1,200,000 dead, which will be hard to "cover-up" by simply preventing people from being tested for coronavirus. Flu in the UK killed 1,692 in 2018/19 according to Public Health England (see ), so there is a difference: the mortality risk is about 17-34 times higher than flu, and it is far more infectious than flu (no flu strain in the UK has ever doubled the cases in just 2 days!), and China only stopped its epidemic by draconian measures to stop people from coming near one another. Clearly the exponential curve will have to flatten out (due to increasing doubling time) at some point eventually, but we could do that sooner rather than later - and without economic disruption - by simply issuing effective masks:

UK policy is to allow the virus to spread in the hope of causing "herd immunity" without waiting for a vaccine, and to stop testing most infected people due to only 2,000 lab tests being available daily. I saw people wearing surgical masks at the supermarket today (canned food shelves were empty, not just hand wash as a week ago). As in WWII when everyone was issued a protective mask against gas, we would be able to continue doing almost everything as normal without self-isolation (thus no massive economic world recession effect on people avoiding public transport, airports, aircraft, schools, colleges, etc.), if everyone doing so had such simple cheap masks when near other people who could transmit infections. This was not regarded as a waste of money then, even though Hitler never dropped his 12,000 tons of nerve gas tabun on the UK thanks to UK gas precautions, and at least one mainstream media commentator (Richard Madeley) realised this:

The recent use of nerve gas Novichok in the UK by Russia and the use of gas in other recent wars such as in Syria has led to some new interest in civil defence as an alternative to shutting down the economy if such a pandemic virus or a gas threatens people. When dad was a Civil Defence Corps Instructor in the 1950s, Britain was building up enough brand new (post-war, NOT WW2) C7 gas masks for the entire population, which were abandoned after the Corps was closed in 1968 (leaving the UK population vulnerable to a whole range of civil emergencies and disasters, not "just war")!  It's about time that tried and tested solutions are used to deal with disasters to SAVE LIVES efficiently.

Instead, the media will oppose/ignore/ridicule/dismiss this, misled to the kind of abusive stupid "experts" who don't like tried and tested solutions.  (Extremists on both the right and left wing politically, who hate straightforward solutions that WORK, and simply pretend such solutions don't really exist, using a long list of fake news "no-go theorems" against them.)  They will lie that it is too expensive or not applicable to school kids who spread disease to older folk (not true in WWII, see photos of kids in WWII gas masks playing above), etc., etc.  They won't be challenged effectively by any of the fake news spreaders and trolls who are employed by most of the UK TV media, whose sole purpose in "reporting news" is to make a hate attack on Prime Minister Johnson or President Trump, and not to give airtime to WORKABLE solutions that can enable the world to avoid both (a) economic shutdown/recession and (b) massive casualties.


Frequently asked questions on gas masks against viruses

1. Hands spread infection so washing hands will prevent covid-19 /coronavirus, won't it?

ANSWER: no it doesn't work because infection takes place through the FACE (eyes, nose, mouth).  If you are on a London tube train you have to touch handles to remain standing when the train starts/stops.  People are coughing.  There is no sunlight UV "open air factor" to render ineffective the viruses on exhaled water droplets.  There are NO WASHBASINS on tube trains and even where there are washbasins, in many cases you wash your hands clean and then re-infect yourself immediately afterwards in opening the door handle to go out of the toilet!

So the amount of time that "washing your hands" protects you is a few seconds only.  Trivial protection!  Pathetic protection!  The rest of the time - most of the time - washing hands is useless because you have to touch things.

Money changes hands, or you type your credit card pin number on a contaminated number pad if not using cash - either way you risk contamination!  Even Novichok and for that matter sarin and VX nerve agents, and even old mustard gas liquid, were primarily skin contaminants but people in Novichok contaminated locations in Salisbury UK still had to wear gas masks, because the only guaranteed way to stop people reflectively touching their mouth, eyes, or nose (without even realising it!) is to be wearing a gas mask!

In fact, the data we have on the airborne transmission of flu and other aerosol spread viruses comes from simple experiments on control groups of people wearing masks and other groups not wearing them, in places like the old Common Cold Research Station.  By unscrewing the gas mask filters from one group, exposed in identical conditions to others with filtered masks and without them, you determine precisely the infection risk from putting your fingers on your face accidentally (brushing your nose, lips or eye lashes), as compared to actual inhalation risk.

In any case, the government has been advising hand-washing for a long time, UK supermarket shelves were emptied of handwash long ago, but cases are now soaring regardless.  This proves that simple advice to wash hands is not enough to prevent the risk.

2. We don't have enough gas masks for everyone at risk and there is not a world war to justify making any more gas masks as in 1939-45, so this whole idea is unreasonable and too expensive, isn't it?

LIE - we have stockpiles of EH20 escape hoods and a large stockpile of military gas masks in case of gas attacks, and the filters on those are absolutely fine for viruses as for nerve gas. The UK government has been repeatedly saying that the people MOST AT RISK are a SMALL PERCENTAGE with pre-existing conditions.  Therefore, give gas masks or EH20 escape hoods to the most vulnerable groups first, while making more (the UK has its own gas mask factories such as Avon).

The remainder of this kind of "question" is a complete lie - the UK made most of the gas masks BEFORE WWII actually started, and it was the VERY existence of such civil defence that enabled the threat to be addressed.

Before that, there was a real risk of mass casualties from gas (way beyond the 60K deaths from civilian bombing that actually occurred in the UK during the war) which closed down all realistic discussions of the threat.  You had to have the gas masks to negate the threat before realistic solutions were finally taken seriously.  As explained in previous blog posts here, opponents of gas masks in 1936-8 were either ignorant (liars proclaiming there is "no protection" in the face of evidence to the contrary from WWI) or had a sympathy with extremist right or left wing organisations, who had a vested interest in making the UK vulnerable, to profit from this either financially or politically.

Regarding the "expense" argument, just look at the economic costs of shutting down Italy.  Gas masks were manufactured cheaply and quickly in large numbers in the UK in 1938-9.  It would have been MORE expensive to have Hitler drop his 12,000 tons of nerve gas tabun on London, or mustard gas, than to issue gas masks!  Likewise for the coronavirus causing businesses to close for an extended period and for huge numbers of people to suffer and die!  This is about human lives primarily, but the argument ALSO applies to economic considerations!

3. But surely the data will soon show that the exponential surge in UK covid-19 cases will end, so we don't need gas masks?

YES IT WILL!  But NOT because anything is improving while in fact infection conditions remain the same: the data will soon show a FAKE NEWS type "fall" or at least "level out" because the UK is no longer offering tests to people with symptoms who call 111, because the UK Government has stated it it can only test a maximum of 2,000 people a day.  Tests in the "Contain Phase" have now ended, and in the current "Delay Phase" people with symptoms are advised NOT to be tested but just to self-isolate for 7 days, so data will falsely level off from this.  This is a bit like "sorting out" radiation problems by not taking measurements with geiger counters - a fake approach to reduce panic by controlling the data available!  It is precisely this decision to end routinely testing people with symptoms that motivated this blog post.

The problem is media self-interest - either in fear mongering or ignoring the threat, or a mixture of both of these equally deplorable extremist lunacies - backing incompetent or fashionable "expert" liars who begin by ignoring the simple proved solutions, and then propose ineffective, costly schemes that don't work for political self-aggrandisement.  And no, I'm not the inventor of the gas mask and I don't get paid to hype them, I only have as much self-interest in delaying this virus until a vaccine is developed to safely give immunity, as everyone else has.  Of course, mass media TV and Left Wing Magazine/Paper promoted trolls will ignore this idea and will try to maximise the disaster to sell scare stories on TV or to allow the problem to get worse by trying to stop sensible suggestions from being sensibly discussed.  Hype doesn't mean they are correct.

4. If you are on crowded bus/train/airplane, with people coughing nearby, do you need goggles as well as a mask for protection, or an actual full face gas mask / EH20 escape hood?

Surgical masks are specifically designed to protect the patient's wounds from contamination from the surgeon when he speaks during surgery to assistants, not to protect the surgeon from the patient! They are therefore only designed to catch YOUR exhaled or coughed droplets. They don't provide an airtight seal at the edges to filter air you inhale, so they offer only partial protection against small airborne infectious droplets when people nearby cough or sneeze, which is one reason why some "experts" are against them as a ready solution.

(Other objections are political and fashion based and thus are similar to the fake news claims made by "experts" in the 1930s against gas masks, which were fortunately ignored by the government, which issued gas masks to remove gas threats regardless of the howling of "expert" objectors who thought that effective countermeasures would degrade or taint the pristine morality of humanity, by allowing people to survive using unfashionable facewear, or that we should morally take the highroad by simply asking the virus to sign a "peace agreement" and promise faithfully to stop infecting people.)

However the filters in gas masks and EH20 escape hoods are designed specifically to remove CBN (chemical, biological and nuclear) hazards, fine particles, droplets and gases, and they are better seals.  They prevent eye infection, nose infection, inhalation and the accidental touching of the face with the hands.  Some have drinking straws built in.  Gas masks can be wiped clean and anti-septic and re-used, unlike paper masks that become contaminated.


Update (21 March 2020):

The over 80s and other susceptible groups (those with lung conditions like cystic fibrosis or lung cancer, or with weakened immune systems due to chemotherapy) should get the available masks of whatever sorts are available (medical, civilian, military, industrial, etc.) immediately to help to prevent them getting coronavirus until a vaccine is available, because there is a shortage of ventilators and they are not saving enough lives in Italy where there have been 47,021 confirmed cases with 4,032 deaths, which is 8.6%, exactly double the W.H.O. forecast of 4.3%. China successfully gave out masks as well as isolating infected areas, and the masks worked. Instead the policy is reserving masks for the medical professional to treat people, when infected, even though the Italian evidence shows this is failing, and that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN EFFORTS TO TREAT THE PNEUMONIA SYMPTOMS IN THE VULNERABLE. The UK is instead reserving masks for use in the treatment stage which is LESS EFFECTIVE than PREVENTION, the opposite of what it did in 1938 when it made 40 million masks to protect people.

(The analogy to gas war would be to issue only masks to medics treating civilians who have inhaled usually fatal gas doses due to not having masks.  I'm trying to "dumb down" the facts so that the media's fake news spreaders, fear mongerers, and self-aggrandising Marxists can't get away with claiming to be "confused" or "ignorant" about the point being made.  That's their usual excuse for suppressing the key facts and circulating "official expert" lies instead of challenging Marxist dogma that aims to maximise disasters for political advantages and profit.)

Wouldn't it be better to keep everything open and issue people protective masks and gloves INSTEAD of a general shut down - which has failed to halt deaths in Italy - until a vaccine is developed? Ultimately masks and gloves will have to be issued to people working in crowded places like supermarkets, transport systems, etc, not just hospitals. Why not go the whole hog now and issue them to people at particular risk of dying from coronavirus, to minimise their risk of getting it in the first place. I think they will be the last ones to get personal protective equipment, and pseudo "experts" will instead prefer to allow them to get covid-19 pneumonia, and overload hospitals!

The UK coronavirus test ban problem in creating fake news of curve flattening, when vital data are simply NOT being collected or included anymore.  Without any idea of the true numbers, the government can avoid issuing protective life saving masks to vulnerable groups.  The media reports political propaganda of one sort or another, and avoids the basic facts.

Coronavirus cover up in UK data statistics.  It underestimates current cases, due to now only testing people in hospital, but even this still shows a doubling in the cumulative total cases in the past 3 days, from about 2000 to about 4000 today:
Another aspect of this "fake news" propaganda from the UK Government, the TV media, and many newspapers is the inaccuracy on the actual mortality risk.  Bubonic plague in the infamous pandemics of 1348, 1665, etc had a higher mortality than covid-19 in Italy ONLY if you compare unlike situations (untreated bubonic plague cases compared with treated covid-19 cases).  If you are not issuing propaganda, and compare like-with-like, you find that bubonic plague from infected fleas carried by rats will kill 10-15% of treated cases.

So far in Italy, the 4,032 deaths in 47,021 confirmed cases is 8.6% mortality (those who have died have an average age of 80), but if we just focus on those 47,021 cases (ignoring any future cases), many of them are too recent to have resulted in mortality, so the number of deaths within the 47,021 will increase beyond the 4,032 figure, and this means (ignoring future cases) that the true total death rate in Italy is higher than the 8.6% figure, and is probably 10-15%.

So it is likely to have a similar mortality risk to bubonic plague in an elderly population, given a like-for-like comparison basis (treated cases of covid-19 and treated cases of bubonic plague).  Seasonal flu by comparison usually has a death rate of 0.1-0.2% with treatment, so covid-19 can be up to 100 times more deadly than flu and in terms of mortality risks observed in the elderly population of Italy, it is similar to bubonic plague.

Perhaps explaining this will help to ensure it is considered more as biological warfare type threat requiring that kind of response (e.g. gas masks for people queuing up for their rations in supermarkets), than a flu strain.

Update: 22 March 2020

BBC Fake News for mass murder is debunked

Evidence that the TV media hyped washing hands countermeasure without masks has FAILED to prevent exponental surge in cases.  This "government data" is partly FAKE news itself because routine data collection and testing of people with symptoms for coronavirus stopped over a week ago in the UK, when people were instructed not to even call 111 to report cases, let alone to get tested.  So many cases are probably now being unreported.  The media in general fails to acknowledge this fact, and reports the fake news as the truth.  It also lies about gas masks that could save lives, all in the interest of expert hubris.

BBC news is hyping "expert fake news" lies that washing hands and not wearing masks is adequate, that wearing masks makes the virus spread faster, etc. Just to remind people, don't believe liars. If medical professionals believe this they wouldn't wear masks. They do wear masks, and they don't therefore believe their own lies. The sooner the BBC and other fake news outlets have the compulsory licence fee abolished and stop issuing "expert" lies, the more lives can be saved.

Protecting people, rather than institutions like the BBC, media, NHS etc, is the key problem. The NHS only has limited resources for epidemics and the safest option is to PREVENT covid-19 transmission until a vaccine is available, not the rant against masks and then rely on the NHS to cope with the massive numbers of cases. There is evidence from Italy that isolation and hospitalisation DON'T WORK and prevention is better than cure. Washing hands is not sufficient to stop a disease spread by infectious airborne droplets. I saw the NHS bullshit when my glue-ear problem went undiagnosed and untreated for over five years, causing severe hearing and speech problems. (My mother was a State Registered Nurse in the NHS from 1951 onwards, so please don't imagine that the Marxist infiltration of NHS medical professionals trade unions, the BMA and organisations that issue lying "peace propaganda" against civil defence preventative measures is a topic we're unaware of. As far as the Marxist dogma driven liars in the NHS have always been concerned, it must be saved in order to produce back-door Marxism in the UK by being as cost-inefficient as possible - as in my hellish childhood caused by the NHS and now in abandoning effective preventative medicine in favour of ineffective costly treatment - in order deliberately to use the inefficiency as a political lever to demand more and more money, until capitalism collapses under the debt burden when it can't repay the interest by taxation. The fact it is inefficient is what the professionals so love about it. I ended up with a ruined childhood, unable to hear properly due to distortion or speak properly due to frequency distorted hearing, despite numerous God-type patronising and fake news type "expert" propaganda lectures from "NHS professionals" that were lies.) "Save our NHS" government slogans therefore should be replaced by "save people's lives". Less propaganda, less lies, and more facts are needed.

In fact what they are doing is the OPPOSITE of what they claim to do. They spread fake news to cause panic by suppressing evidence of EFFECTIVE countermeasures, and then claim that anyone pointing out their lies must be censored out because it disagrees with big shot liars. This is getting very dirty, hubris and dictatorship versus the truth, and people are needlessly dying as a result. If you look at China, you see that the masks have helped to stop the spread of the disease very quickly when people have to get food from shops, etc. You need them to reduce the spread of the transmission, to save lives.

The problem with James Delingpole's criticism of officialdom on coronavirus / covid-19

James Delingpole has been chasing the wrong horse as usual, in this case the 2005 Virology Journal paper ‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread,’ based on chloroquine to enable people to absorb more zinc, which allegedly prevents viral RNA transcription of coronavirus:

"Why isn’t the solution being shouted from the rooftops? One possibility, as I suggested yesterday, is that there is no money in it for Big Pharma. Chloroquine is a generic drug. That’s why Big Pharma’s lobbyists have worked hard to persuade governments that there can be no acceptable solution till a patented vaccine is brought on to the market. Even if this happens it won’t be till long after the pandemic is over – probably not till at least next year."

In fact, coronavirus covid-19 isn't the same as SARS coronavirus and there is no proof it will work against variants. Viruses often evolve to get over problems like this.  In any case, tens of millions of people taking a new drug will always result in unintended side-effects in the doses needed to be effective as a zinc uptake facilitator.  Chloroquine is currently only licensed as an anti-malarial drug, and it can cause stomach upsets, hair loss and a list of other side-effects.  The only guaranteed way to halt the pandemic is masks to filter out the droplets containing viruses when people go to supermarket queues, etc.

Update: 28 March 2020


Sad to see that the media is ignoring the fact that the very steep cumulative mortality curve in UK for covid-19 coronavirus and the infection of the UK Prime Minister, UK Health Secretary and UK Chief Medical Advisor should indicate: (1) hand washing advice (which most people do anyway) for airborne fine droplets has PROVABLY FAILED, (2) the 2-metres separation rule is not sufficient protection, because biological transmission experiments have shown that many airborne viruses (eg Venezuelan equine encephalitis, bovine brucellosis, tularemia, and Q fever) can survive for up to 2 hours in sunlight or 8-18 hours in cloudy/night/indoor conditions (source: US Army Field Manual FM3-10, Chemical and Biological Weapons, 1962, page 82). Infected people coughing/talking will leave behind small airborne 5 micron (invisible sized) contaminated droplets in the air which, like very fine dust can provably take hours to fall to the ground. (This is not opinion, it is physics.) This is probably why gas masks or at least some kind of full face protection is safer than relying on the 2-metre separation advice, which has failed for the very "top" people who promoted it on TV.

There was a time, back in the 1950s when Britain was stockpiling 50 million anti-virus civil defence C7 full face masks for the entire UK population, when the scientific evidence was based on actual experiments and proof testing, not the opinions of ill-informed ranting "official experts" who have not even bothered to check whether their advice works.  Politicians of course have the motto: "When in a hole, keep digging."

As the physicist who discovered the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, Feynman, stated in his report when he found that public relations cover-up over the space shuttle's rubber O-ring seals (which froze solid and brittle in freezing launch weather, causing the explosion of the shuttle in 1986):

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled."

Nobody in PR listens to this, instead continually deferring to "experts" who put inflammable cladding on buildings, and now issue fake news to stop people wearing protective masks, to throw abuse at those who prove them wrong instead of apologising and correcting their advice, etc.  The media is so politically bigoted that it buys into this "expert opinion" or "consensus science", just to create disasters to sell "news stories" that are unnecessary.

Second update of 28 March 2020:

The UK government has just released the latest data which shows that UK covid-19 deaths have doubled in past 3 days, from 463 on 25 March to 1000 announced this afternoon 28 March. If this 3-day doubling continued for 30 days (10 doubling times) from now you'd have 1000 x (2^10) = 1 million killed. This will happen if infection conditions remain the same as they were when the recent death cases resulted, because the only way you get out of the exponential (or geometric) curve is if the infection conditions change, and with people having to regularly go to get food, this is not necessarily going to change much.

All the "sophisticated models" which predict a rapid flattening of the curve have loads of assumptions using guesswork, a bit like NASA's massive calculation book resulting in a 1/100,000 risk prediction of failure for the space shuttle (Feynman later estimated it was closer to a 1/2 risk for launching on a cold morning as in the 1986 disaster, when the booster O-rings would be brittle and leak fuel, a factor simply ignored in the sophisticated computer models).

This reminds me too of the global warming scare mongering scandal, where all 21 IPCC computer models in 2007 assumed solely positive feedback from water in the atmosphere, despite the fact that this is debunked by the fact we don't have a runaway greenhouse effect like Venus! (They still haven't corrected this error properly.) Today's Daily Telegraph (28 March 2020 p13, below) article on bad UK government "expert" scientific modelling misses the point entirely because gas masks for everyone as in WW2 would avoid relying on the shortage of hospital ventilators and the ineffective lock-down until a vaccine is developed.

Daily Mail 28 March 2020 pages 1 and 2 on the infection of the UK Prime Minister UK Health Secretary and UK Chief Medical Adviser proving that their flawed advice is a failure.
Daily Mail editorial 28 March 2020 page 20 debunking Marxist covid-19 profiteering racket: both right and left wing extremists are corruptly lying about the crisis to profit from mass murder.

Daily Mail 28 March 2020 pages 16 exposes Marxist exploitation of virus for political propaganda and financial gain.
Daily Express 28 March 2020 page 15 Carole Malone exposes the eugenics like corruption of former UK Chief Scientific Adviser who wants to deny treatment to the most vulnerable people, a political policy so extreme, inhumane, immoral and unethical that it was not even used by Stalin.

Covid 19 deaths data 23 March 2020: exposing the fact that the UK covid-19 death rate acceleration is relatively bad, due in no small part to UK government, BBC, and NHS tireless fake news propaganda telling people not to bother to wear face masks when exposed to concentrated airborne contaminants in supermarket queues, on crowded public transport, in hospitals etc, unlike several other far more humane, honest and rational countries which tell the truth to reduce the spread of disease.
Update: 29 March 2020

Just a bit more about my background that is relevant to this blog post (from a facebook comment to Carl Brannen), since this expands on some of the key technical arguments that underpin respirators:

I've always washed my hands regularly and kept away from other people as far as possible, due to having recurrent nasal and chest infections after having my tonsils and adenoids removed, but this hasn't stopped me from regularly getting flu, colds, etc. I went into this years ago, and viruses attached to small (5 micron diameter, say) droplets in exhaled air can hang around long after the person exhaling them has gone, especially indoors (hospitals, supermarket queue areas, nursing homes, houses, corridors, lifts, doctor's waiting rooms, etc) where there is no strong UV light to deactivate them. Viruses aren't living, so they can't be killed, so only a physical or chemical process, such as removing their outer coating of grease, will deactivate them. In the air, the droplets are too small to fall quickly to the floor, so they can remain airborne for hours until they stick to surfaces, contaminating them. Without effective CBN gas mask filters (paper masks are of little use for such tiny droplets), the only protection from staying 2 metres apart from other people is dilution. As for cigarette smoke that smokers exhale, in a strong breeze you get rapid dilution, but in still air or indoors you can get a build up of airborne contamination. Biological warfare studies on this sort of virus dispersion in the open air showed that in cloudy or nighttime conditions it can take 8-18 hours for viruses in the air to become inactive. In the sun, 2 hours. This seems to me to discredit claims that staying 2 metres apart provides enough protection. I'd like to see if they have any hard evidence for that. I know the UK Common Cold Research Centre long ago proved that a person sneezing can infect another person over 10 metres away, for the less infectious cold virus. Covid-19 seems more infectious!

"NHS Staff infecting patients with coronavirus as they show no symptoms and aren't being tested, admits health official" -  Evidence that NHS staff are actually driving the pandemic by spreading infection due to not testing enough people for covid-19 and not using effective protective masks, since they seem to assume that all untested people are uninfected (The Sun, 27 March 2020).  The WHO, the NHS and others are simply ignoring gas mask stockpiles as a solution for those who need to travel on crowded public transport (the London Labour Mayor has cut tube train services to ensure that essential workers are crowded together, which spreads viruses by increasing the risk of cross-infection) to work in medicine, food distribution, etc., and are pointing out that ineffective paper masks are ineffective!  Duh.  This is lethal fake news propaganda, that costs lives. It is akin the "Nukemap" and other forms of mass deception, that are disseminated by fear-mongering terrorist minded journalists who refuse to take effective live saving straightforward countermeasures seriously and make hate attacks on anyone debunking their ill-informed abusive rants.

UPDATE: 31 March 2020

On the day of the largest rise in UK deaths from covid-19, 400 in the past 24 hours, there are two positive news stories about the fight against lying propaganda on masks from the hubris covid-19 money exploiting anti-civil defence W.H.O., the fear-mongering pandemic exploiting The Guardian newspaper, BBC, NHS, UK Government / "healthcare experts" and general Marxist anti-civil defence propaganda folk like Corbyn's "opposition" in Parliament: 

(1) Austria makes masks compulsory as protection debate shifts - Financial Times.

"Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are considering altering the official guidance to encourage people to take measures to cover their faces amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a federal official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because it is an ongoing matter of internal discussion and nothing has been finalized." - Washington Post, 31 March 2020.

They should recommend full gas masks if possible, for the vulnerable who have to visit hospitals for heart conditions etc.  Please, please, please distribute military stockpiles and escape hoods for chemical, biological and radiological warfare.  They WILL save lives until a vaccine is developed.  Washing hands and 2 metre distancing is NOT enough!  Lying COSTS LIVES.

Avon Protection NH15 Gas Mask and Respiratory System CBRN Escape Hood. Even cheaper masks have a massive effect in reducing deaths from covid-19 as the inset graphics at the bottom of this picture illustrate - countries where masks are routinely worn like Japan have a relatively small death rate from the virus.  Please see Sui Huang's report, COVID-19: WHY WE SHOULD ALL WEAR MASKS — THERE IS NEW SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE, and the graphs at the report Universal mask-wearing is the most overlooked COVID-19 lifesaver

The UK Financial Times reports: "Austria is to join a small but growing number of European countries making the wearing of face masks outside the home compulsory amid shifting debate over the medical gear’s protective utility.

"Authorities would start distributing millions of free face masks at the entrances to all supermarkets from midweek onwards, chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Monday. Shoppers will only be permitted inside supermarkets and other open stores,such as pharmacies, if they are wearing masks.

"While masks are a familiar sight throughout Asia, the only other countries in Europe to require the wearing of masks in public space are Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina. ... The WHO and many governments say healthy people do not need to wear a mask unless they are taking care of a person with suspected Covid-19 infection. ...   French trade unions representing shop assistants, factory workers and police officers have demanded safety equipment for all staff or else they would exercise their right to refuse to work in dangerous conditions.

"In Italy, where the outbreak has been the deadliest in the world, the wearing has with in a month gone from attracting disapproving looks to being socially obligatory."

This news and the evidence for gas masks, however, is STILL being deliberately suppressed by the W.H.O., BBC, etc., while people die needlessly and gas masks remain un-used in stockpiles at military quartermasters stores.  The BBC today is also reporting more fake news on the number of "confirmed covid-19 cases" in the UK showing "green shoots", when that is just due to the limit on the small number of tests being done daily.  In plain unvarnished language, the truth is this: if you only do 5000 tests a day, then you are going to find the number of "confirmed cases" limited by that testing rate.  You can never discover 5001 confirmed cases a day if you only do 5000 per day.  Official lying in the UK for BBC fake news, and the unquestioning acceptance of falsehoods on masks to ensure all funding goes into Marxist state organisations instead of actually protecting the vulnerable from needing to go into covid-19 infected hospitals, is a national tragedy.

Update: 2 April 2020

The Mirror reports:

"The coronavirus lockdown is 'nowhere near' its end with cases expected to rise for weeks, a senior health official has warned. ... The number of deaths soared by 563 in one day yesterday - to a total of 2,352 as of 4pm on March 31."

The Sun reports:

"... NHS staff may be forced to stop using life-saving treatment, such as ventilators, on dying patients if others with the virus are more likely to survive. ... Staff at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London have been told to brace themselves for death ahead of the opening of the new field hospital.  Volunteers at the 4,000-bed field hospital set up in the ExCel Centre in the east of the capital have reportedly been warned up to 80 per cent of coronavirus patients who are on ventilators will probably die."

This estimate, that "up to 80% of coronavirus patients who are on ventilators will probably die" (based on Italian experience), should be a warning to rely on PROTECTION FOR PREVENTION e.g. gas masks, instead of putting all the eggs into one basket and merely relying on buying ventilators for treatment.  Protection should always be the number 1 priority.  It is proved to work!

From a Facebook discussion with Carl Brannen on whether lengthy clinical trials are needed before gas masks are used to save the lives of the most vulnerable people:

Masks were proof tested successfully against the common cold virus back in the 1960s by the UK Common Cold Research Station in Wales (since closed down). It's curious that some experts claim that superstring theory can be accepted as valid science without objective tests and experimental back up, while demanding evidence that filters work as filters.  Put it like this, the UK government and BBC currently claims that standing 2 metres apart will stop infections.  Where is the real scientific double blind experiment to verify that claim which is currently in use?  It's pretty obvious that if someone is exhaling virus contaminated droplets for a period of time in an enclosed space like a bus, tube train, lift/elevator, ambulance, hospital corridor, etc., you will get airborne contamination building up just as if they were a smoker and the exhaled smoke was building up.  This requires protection.

The current W.H.O. recommendation for front line medical workers of a paper nose/mouth mask and an open sided face shield will NOT prevent small airborne droplets getting into the eyes through the gaps around the perspex face shield (which is designed to stop blood squirting into the eyes during surgery, not to prevent small airborne droplets).  Where is the proof that the existing protective W.H.O. advice is any use for medical workers?  It is just as void as the W.H.O. claim that civil defence gas masks should not be used by the vulnerable.  A gas mask would provide full eye protection as well as mouth and nose protection.  This doesn't need any clinical trials, for the following reason.  If someone tells me that hitting my thumb hard with a hammer will hurt, I don't need to "do the experiment" to decide whether this is true.  Theoretical calculations will indicate what the likely result is with sufficient accuracy for my purpose.  Gas masks have been tested successfully since 1915 and they will provide protection now if used.  There is no need for yet more trials to delay life-saving protection.

Update: 4 April 2020

Unfortunately, the latest data indicates a 3 day doubling time in the death rate in the UK from Covid-19, i.e. 1.8k deaths on 31 March to double that, 3.6k deaths on 3 April, and the BBC is now reporting that masks are recommended in Los Angeles and New York, but NOT in London, yet is still trying to hypocritically "ridicule" President Trump's decision not to wear a mask when alone in the Oval Office, based on BBC/WHO advice NOT to wear masks, while still stating that people in the UK should not wear any protection! Get your facts straight, BBC! At what point does the police arrest the BBC fake news "journalists" for causing deaths by spreading deceptive propaganda?

Update (6 April 2020):

There were a wide range of gas masks issued to civilians prior to WWII (illustrations of some WWII gas mask civil defence posters are shown above), which were all updated and improved with an added blue/green coloured contex filter unit to increase their effectiveness against smaller particles, which were taped on by civil defence workers during gas mask inspections during the war.  Filters could be replaced/updated if necessary.

As the 1960 UK Civil Instructors Notes: Warden Section shows, an updated general civilian gas mask, the C7 (developed at Porton biological warfare centre in 1951) was stockpiled together with special masks for those with breathing difficulties, for small babies, kids, and also for unconscious hospital patients, ready for distribution by the UK Civil Defence Corps long after WWII and well into the 1960s (Marxist-controlled PM Harold Wilson finally abolished the CD Corps in 1968 under military anti-civil defence lying propaganda from the USSR's union/political/media fronts in the UK, which wanted to make the UK more vulnerable so that only disarmament would seem to be "only option" for protection against dictatorships), and the Restricted 1965 UK government Scientific intelligence officers' operational notes, section ON 23:1 (Notes on Biological and Chemical Warfare) states:

"The new Civilian Respirator (C7), with pneumatic tube face fitting which is comfortable for long periods of wearing, affords excellent protection against Biological Warfare and Chemical Warfare attacks."  (A key concern in the cold war was aircraft-sprayed airborne viruses.)

UK Government 6 April 2020 hospital admissions Covid-19 data for England shows continued increases despite two weeks of supposed lock down: proof of failure of the current policy.

UK Government 6 April 2020 FAKE NEWS on covid-19 IGNORES additional over-crowding of tube trains due to restriction of services and IGNORE food supermarket queuing which is now a major main infection route.  The infection reproduction number (R number) suggested by these misleading data has fallen, but in reality the tube, bus and railway had ALREADY spread infection across communities by the time of the fall in the statistics above, and the main route thereafter is local supermarket food ration queues: people can now only buy 3 items of one sort in supermarkets due to UK ration restrictions to "keep food on supermarket shelves", so many people are being forced to shop MORE FREQUENTLY THAN PREVIOUSLY, and can have to queue for an hour, which increases exposure.  They might as well have added a curve to the graph of air travel statistics as a fake "proof" that the "lock-down" is useful.  It would similarly prove nothing, because by the time air travel was locked down (by passengers choosing not to fly, not by any sensible government order), the virus had already been transmitted to all regions of the country so it was a case of "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted."  No sense in interpreting this fake news is being included in the "sophisticated" computer models of the pandemic, used to "justify" the lock-down dogma.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because no amount of failure can ever "disprove" the government policy: its proponents ignore criticisms, hypocritically do the opposite of the advice they dish out to other people (e.g., Scotland's chief medical officer - who fronted the "stay at home" government adverts - broke her own advice by travelling to spend her weekends at a second holiday home during the "lock-down"), and blame other folk for their failure instead of correcting their errors!

UK Government 6 April 2020 covid-19 global deaths showing that even very simple paper face masks in China and South Korea have drastically cut death rates in those countries unlike the lock down in Italy UK and Spain.  Despite this, the W.HO., BBC, media generally (pretending that science is an authoritarian religion of bigoted geniuses who must never be investigated, questioned, or debunked) and the UK Government continue to advise DO NOT WEAR MASKS, a policy of maximising the spread of infection causing maximum deaths.  This particular graph, from the UK Prime Minister's Twitter feed, is also bigoted by normalization for curves to begin - day 0 - on the first day 50 deaths or more were reported.  This "trick" helps to cover up the fact that the UK death rate acceleration (gradient of slope of the line) is: (1) particularly high, and (2) not flattening out like the graphs of other countries.  With the logarithmic death scale, a straight line represents an exponential (geometric) rise, and the UK seems to be only country with no curving towards a plateau.  The Prime Minister himself is now in hospital with a temperature, so may lack control.
UK covid-19 deaths increasing by factor of 10 every 10 days.

Update: 7 April 2020

The UK has just reported its highest ever covid-19 daily deaths statistic of 854, while it is reported that the UK Government bought 17,500,000 defective covid-19 antibody tests which are useless and misleading, instead of tested gas masks to prevent infection, according to the UK newpaper, Financial Times (which as usual FAILS to even bother to mention the gas mask option as an alternative that WILL WORK to get out of the lock-down):

"The UK government has admitted that none of the 17.5m antibody tests it ordered in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic work well enough to be used. ... The government is working with nine companies that have developed coronavirus antibody tests, which screen for whether someone has recovered from the disease and is likely to be immune. The tests are being assessed by researchers at Oxford university — but each one has so far proven unreliable. ... “We see many false negatives (tests where no antibody is detected despite the fact we know it is there) and we also see false positives. None of the tests we have validated would meet the criteria for a good test as agreed with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. This is not a good result for test suppliers or for us,” ... The government issued guidance about its testing plans at the weekend, saying that if the antibody tests “do not work, no further tests will be purchased and, where possible, orders will be cancelled”."

The "UK Prime Minister" (whoever that is; Mr Johnson is currently on oxygen in intensive care as a result of the "(in)effectiveness" of his 2 metre/hand-wash "lockdown" rules) has now published on Twitter more graphs with extra data, proving the ineffectiveness of the lock-down for another couple of days:

UK Prime Minister's 7 April 2020 data release showing increased hospital admissions data to 5 April, despite 2 weeks of lock down policy. SOURCE: "UK PRIME MINISTER" (currently in intensive care using up NHS oxygen while proving that his own 2-meter + handwash rules of lockdown are ineffective even for the top people, never mind those who don't have soap because the supermarkets have sold out a month ago)
UK increased deaths data from the Prime Minister as of 7 April 2020: still no significant evidence that the UK's exponential acceleration in deaths (a straight line on a log-linear graph) is reaching its asymptotic limit, unlike other countries. (Source: ).

Google is now spreading UK Sky TV fake news on the number of covid-19 deaths, 7 April 2020:

Google is now promoting UK Sky TV fake news that "Coronavirus deaths rise by 786 in UK" when in fact the figure is 758 for England, 74 Scotland, 19 Wales and 3 Northern Ireland = 854.

UK TV Sky fake news claims that 786 = 758 + 74 + 19 + 3.  Google is still relying on UK TV Sky fake news. If it can't even add up, why trust it?  It has been repeating fake news claims that masks don't protect people against respiratory disease, like W.H.O. quacks.
World Health Organisation lies that masks to prevent airborne infections have no evidence, just as "bigoted experts" claimed that before the Grenfell Fire there was "no evidence" that inflammable cladding would result in fire and massacre.  Other W.H.O. arguments are identical to those against civil defence gas masks made by lying hubris big shot quacks like Professor Joad and the "Cambridge Scientists Antiwar Group" before WWII (ignored by the UK government in 1938, thankfully).  By analogy, as Herman Kahn used to point out, the specious argument could have been made that sufficient lifeboats on the Titanic would add weight and make the ship sink faster, before anyone could get into them (a lie, but the kind of crap used by deniers of truth).  In 1986, when a low down engineer tried to object to the launching of the Space Shuttle in the freezing conditions that made the booster rubber O-rings brittle, leaking fuel and causing the explosion of the Shuttle, his manager simply retorted with the exasperated question: did he want to delay the launch until the warm summer?  The reality is that in we are NOT getting any "debate" on masks.  Even Google is opting to go against mavericks and rank quack W.H.O. mass murdering anti-masks propaganda ahead of sites giving the plain facts that debunk W.H.O. liars.  This is precisely the same situation that will exist for civil defence in any nuclear or chemical war emergency: the Marxist "professionals" (money-makers) will "protect their own interests (funding)" by attacking civil defence protective measures as if they are dangerous.  They have no humanity or decency.  They never did have.

Updates: 8 April 2020

Above: Mauro Ferrari resigns as EU top scientist after his lifesaving covid-19 pandemic work is blocked by EU bureaucracy (from Financial Times, 8 April 2020): "Please forgive me, but I believe that the priority now is to stop the pandemic. The priority is to save possibly millions of lives. It takes precedence over careers, politics, even the beauty of certain science. ... Those idealistic motivations were crushed by a very different reality, in the brief three months since I took office. Disquieting early warning, signs gave way to the painfully icy, cold recognitions of a world entirely different from what I had envisioned. The Covid-19 pandemic shone a merciless light on how mistaken I had been: In time of emergencies people, and institutions, revert to their deepest nature and reveal their true character. As it became evident that the pandemic would be a tragedy of possibly unprecedented proportions, I moved that the European Research Council should establish a special program directed at combating Covid-19. I believed this was justified by the expected burden of death, suffering, societal transformation, and economic devastation, especially striking the less fortunate, the weakest in the societies of the world. I thought that at a time like this, the very best scientists in the world should be provided with resources and opportunities to fight the pandemic, with new drugs, new vaccines, new diagnostic tools, new behavioral dynamic approaches based on science, to replace the oft-improvised intuitions of political leaders. The proposal was rejected unanimously by the governing body of the ERC, without even considering what shape or form it may take, and to such an extent that my presidency became fully opposed by them, in every respect."

The European Union's top scientist Mauro Ferrari thus is forced into resigning over covid-19 EU Brussels bureaucracy and red-tape that prevents life saving countermeasures

"He had argued for the ERC to create a new, more hands-on initiative to provide scientists and health care workers with more help and resources - but his proposals were apparently rejected.

"Prof Ferrari bemoaned the 'complete absence of coordination of healthcare policies among member states' and the opposition to what he described as a 'cohesive financial support' package.

"Mr Bahrke said he hoped the commission would 'be able to share more information very soon' on the circumstances of the resignation but did not elaborate further.

"As the coronavirus spread from China to Italy, Austria, Spain and other EU nations, the bloc was heavily criticised for not acting forcefully enough to set up a coordinated response." - Daily Mail.

Here's more on the underlying Marxist ultra left World Health Organization - W.H.O. (the anti mask bigots who use facetious arguments against masks which would stop the pandemic until a vaccine is available) - whose specious political bigotry is exposed and debunked by Michael Collins, Council on Foreign Relations (any attempt by Trump to nail Marxist China's handling of the spread of covid-19 across the world via the W.H.O. propaganda machine has so far been dismissed as "racist" by mainstream USA media - criticise USSR Marxism in the cold war and you're a "racist", criticise Chinese Marxist plots now and again the same tired old lying tactic, all these big bully organizations put a "minority race" head figure in as President to allow that tactic, which prevents any type of proper criticism of mass murder, just as critics of Mugabe and Pol Pot were simply dismissed as "racists" by the REAL racists, the nasty Marxists!):

Add caption
WHO political lying myth based propaganda on covid 19 is debunked and exposed for the Marxism it is:

The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty

The WHO’s weak response to China’s mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak has laundered China’s image at the expense of the WHO’s credibility. The time is ripe for clear leadership from the WHO based on science not politics.
Michael Collins is a research associate for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.
The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded in 1948 with the lofty goal of ensuring the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all people. ... However, the WHO is now facing rising international criticism over outsized Chinese influence in the organization’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.  ... The WHO Director-General (DG) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been an outspoken advocate for the Chinese government’s COVID-19 response. On January 28, Tedros met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Following the meeting, Tedros commended China for “setting a new standard for outbreak control” and praised the country’s top leadership for its “openness to sharing information” with the WHO and other countries. Yet in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese officials were busy arresting and punishing citizens for “spreading rumors” about the disease, while online censors controlled the flow of information. Despite growing evidence of China’s mishandling of the outbreak and rising domestic Chinese outrage over the government’s censorship, Tedros remains unmoved. On February 20 at the Munich Security Conference, Tedros doubled down on his praise for China stating that “China has bought the world time.” In contrast to his effusive praise for China, Tedros has been quick to criticize other countries for their responses to the outbreak. ... More concerning is Tedros’ delay in declaring COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). On January 23, the WHO’s emergency committee was split on whether to declare a PHEIC. With final authority resting with the DG, Tedros decided to wait despite admitting that “this is an emergency in China.” A week later, he declared a PHEIC. By that point, confirmed cases of COVID-19 had increased tenfold with 7,781 cases across 18 countries. ... What has changed in the nearly two decades since the SARS epidemic? As always, it is important to follow the money. Since its founding, the WHO has required voluntary budgetary contributions to meet its broad mandate. In recent years, the WHO has grown more reliant upon these funds to address budget deficits. ...  China’s WHO contributions have grown by 52% since 2014 to approximately $86 million. The WHO’s weak response to China’s mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak has laundered China’s image at the expense of the WHO’s credibility. The rate of infection in China appears to be declining, but the risk of a global pandemic is increasing. The time is ripe for clear leadership from the WHO based on science not politics.

Update: 8 April 2020

UK Prime Minister's twitter data release of 8 April 2020, graph of covid-19 deaths showing relatively steep UK curve with no indication that the 2.5 weeks of lock-down is working to halt the pandemic. Source:
UK 8 April 2020 graph of covid-19 deaths showing relatively steep UK curve.
Above: we have compared the UK deaths to 8 April 2020 on linear and logarithmic-linear graphs to show that the alleged "green shoots" of recovery now appear to be only a temporary fluctuation in the data.  When you look at the data on the log-linear graph (above right) you see that a straight line is a good fit, and this suggests that the deaths are continuing instead of tailing off as the media hyped a few days ago.  Sadly, releasing the lock-down without issuing masks to people may result in even larger rises to the death rate, because people will spread large doses of the virus to one another on buses, trains, in offices, pubs, restaurants, etc.  The theory that no-body can become re-infected once they have some antibodies is also questionable, because it depends on dose.  For example, people who have had chickenpox can later get shingles (a return of the disease) if their immune systems are weak, while people can get repeated bouts of malaria, colds, etc.  There is no proof that, having been allowed to spread so widely throughout the world, the covid-19 coronavirus will not undergo further mutations and develop more than one strain, in which case antibodies (and indeed vaccines) will not work to provide guaranteed protection.  The whole basis for antibodies to work is that the immune system is able to produce antibodies at a rate which is faster than the multiplication rate of the virus when it infects the person: so if you produce antibodies slower than the virus multiplies, due to having a weak immune system (due to old age, chemotherapy for cancer, etc.) you will still be at risk.  There is no basis yet for assuming that having some antibodies is a long-term magic bullet providing protection against infection.  If you end up with the terrible number of infected people producing just 100 different mutant strains from covid-19, then it will be very difficult to produce an effective vaccine.  Therefore, the sooner the pandemic is halted mechanically by widespread use of masks to deny it the opportunity to mutate, the better.
UK covid 19 deaths data to 8 April 2020:  Unfortunately, the UK government has now stated that even the deaths data is unreliable due to excluding deaths outside hospitals, e.g. untested deaths in care homes (the confirmed cases data had long been underestimates due to the low testing rate in the UK).  As a result, we will discontinue this series of updates because even key data in deaths per day is becoming UK Government "fake news" propaganda.
8 April 2020 global covid-19 deaths data graphs. Data source:
UK Covid-19 deaths catching up with Italian curve. SOURCE: UK Prime Minister twitter 9 April 2020,

Covid-19 death rate world wide to 8 April 2020 in closed cases is approximately 21 %, a very high number for such an infectious disease, and not massively different from bubonic plague (10-15% for treated cases, higher for untreated cases).  Source:  Note that the ratio of cumulative deaths to date to cumulative confirmed cases to date is a much lower number, about 8%, because at any given time during the rapidly rising part of a pandemic, only a fraction of the total deaths that will occur in the infected cases have actually occurred.  For example, if you study a fixed group of 1000 infected cases, the number dead in that sample is not a fixed constant, but will rise with time until a maximum number (equal to the death rate for closed cases) has been reached.  In other words, the effect of the time-lag needs to be included to correct the ratio of deaths-so-far per infected case into final-deaths per infected case.


Professor Ville Vuorinen of Aalto University, Finland, has proved that one sneeze can contaminate a large area of a supermarket for several minutes, suggesting strongly that the 2-metre social distancing rule is DECEPTIVE AND DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING, CAUSING UNNECESSARY DEATHS, and people really do need to wear gas masks:

Professor Ville Vuorinen of Aalto University, Finland, has proved that one sneeze can contaminate a large area of a supermarket for several minutes, suggesting strongly that the 2-metre social distancing rule is crackpot and people really do need to wear gas masks.
Here is the 2 hour queue doubling back outside my local supermarket in Colchester, at 9.45am 10 April 2020 (photo by yours truly):

People as you can see are not wearing gas masks, and are social distancing.  However, large areas are contaminated by coughs and sneezes, and without the wind or sun, inside the supermarket the air becomes contaminated by sneezes as Professor Ville Vuorinen proved, and people can get covid-19 and then the disease spreads.
A sneeze in a supermarket can infect people far beyond the 2 metre social distance covid-19 rule

Professor Ville Vuorinen of Aalto University, Finland, has an YouTube video of his computer simulation which proves that one sneeze can contaminate a large area of a supermarket for several minutes, suggesting strongly that the W.H.O./BBC/UK Gov "2-metre social distancing rule" is DECEPTIVE AND DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING PROPAGANDA, CAUSING UNNECESSARY DEATHS, and people really do need to wear masks:

"Rational use of face masks in the COVID-19 pandemic", in Britain's premier medical journal, The Lancet, "It would be reasonable to suggest vulnerable individuals avoid crowded areas and use surgical face masks rationally when exposed to high-risk areas. ... In addition, vulnerable populations, such as older adults and those with underlying medical conditions, should wear face masks if available. Universal use of face masks could be considered if supplies permit. In parallel, urgent research on the duration of protection of face masks, the measures to prolong life of disposable masks, and the invention on reusable masks should be encouraged. Taiwan had the foresight to create a large stockpile of face masks; other countries or regions might now consider this as part of future pandemic plans."

The immense success of Taiwan's mask policy, just 379 cases of covid-19, should make Taiwan the world's model for ending the covid-19 pandemic, please see "Despite being shut out of WHO [WHO refuses to recommend masks to end the pandemic], Taiwan has largely succeeded in containing the coronavirus. ... On April 1, Taiwan announced it would donate 10 million masks to the United States, 11 European countries, and its diplomatic allies. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that a second batch of six million masks would be donated to countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas."

Please note the political conflict here: Taiwan and the pro-masks lobby which want to end the pandemic without mass casualties, are against Marxist medical organizations like W.H.O. which is in China's pocket financially as we have already shown, and also the Marxist infiltrated media such as the BBC, which is naturally pro-China and the NHS which wants as ever to end civil defence entirely and to be given a nearly infinite budget to treat victims, instead of allowing a smaller budged for civil defence to prevent victims (the Marxist BMA did the same in the 1980s over Britain's civil defence, preferring to call for millions of burns unit beds rather than telling people to duck and cover if Russia drops a H-bomb "by accident" near our coast).  Same old news.
9 April 2020 confirmed covid-19 deaths: unlike UK government propaganda curves that start at 50 deaths, these start at 100 deaths and show that the UK death rate is rising very steeply, likely to soon overtake Italy's at the same stage in the pandemic.

UPDATE: 28 April 2020

The UK Government has finally published a graph of all deaths, not just tested hospital deaths (they refused to test people outside of hospitals), showing the UK no-masks policy to have the highest deaths in Europe and also higher per head of population than the USA (which has 5 times the population of the UK, explaining its higher death curve):

Above: UK Government ANTI MASK PROPAGANDA LIES debunked by their own total death statistics on 28 April 2020.  Note that the USA has 5 times the UK population so the USA has a MUCH LOWER death rate risk than the UK, per person of population.  South Korea, which has the lowest death rate in the graph above, has a policy of wearing masks in buildings to cut the covid-19 transmission rate! Source:

Update 29 April 2020:

"Coronavirus 'just as deadly as Ebola' for patients hospitalised with the killer bug

"Covid-19 is just as deadly as Ebola for people admitted to hospital in the UK, a leading expert has said as his team published a major British study of almost 17,000 patients.
"The research found almost half of people admitted to hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales with coronavirus have no underlying health conditions ... those admitted to intensive care were typically 61.  Most people had symptoms for around four days before admission and stayed in hospital for an average of seven days. Almost half (47%) had no underlying conditions ... Only one in five of those who required a mechanical ventilator in intensive care were discharged alive and a further 27% remained in hospital. Just over half who needed mechanical ventilation died.
"Professor Calum Semple, from the University of Liverpool and a consultant respiratory paediatrician at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and chief investigator on the study, said: “Some people persist in believing that Covid-19 is no worse than a bad dose of flu [thus the false belief by "some TV experts" that no masks are needed, or improvised masks are OK, when in fact any sensible safety-first "better safe than sorry" precautionary principle approach would suggest the requirement for proper, high-level hazmat protection]. They are gravely mistaken. Despite the best supportive care that we can provide, the crude case fatality rate for people who are admitted to hospital - that is, the proportion of people ill enough to need hospital treatment who then die - with severe Covid-19 is 35 to 40% which is similar to that for people admitted to hospital with Ebola.  People need to hear this, and get it into their heads ... that this is an incredibly dangerous disease....It’s a really nasty disease."


Good news - if it isn't fake news. Mirror reports evidence to finally nail WHO anti-masks lies:

Meanwhile, alternative over-hyped countermeasures such as antibody tests and vaccines are suffering delays as predictable, delays that have been glossed over by profit seeking quacks: