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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A problem with hate propaganda from CND's anti nuclear Jeremy Corbyn and associated pseudo socialist bigots

The British government's Home Affairs Select Committee concluded that the anti-nuclear ranting Labour's Leader Jeremy Corbyn "created what some have referred to as a 'safe space' for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people."  Racist hate crimes against Jews are on the rise in Britain, and this is due to evil Marxist CND anti-nuclear ideologues who have seized control of Labour and view the Jews as capitalists, just as Sir Oswald Mosley (Britain's previous proto-Hitler) did.  Stephen Pollard, editor of Jewish Chronicle, wrote this review in the Daily Express 21 Oct 2016 page 41, explaining how The Left's Jewish Problem documents the increasing evidence of racism from Britain's fanatical left, conceited, smug Guardian/BBC prejudiced people taught to dismiss all critics as fascists, yet who share more in common with socialist Nazi Germany than Stalin did, even during the USSR-Nazi pact to invade Poland in 1939.  Actually, the usual divisions between "right wing" and "left wing" are just a propaganda trick exploited by Stalin after the surprise Nazi invasion, and the entire basis of Nazi evil was the same as that of the USSR: both were bankrupted by socialist full-employment government spending policies and so resorted to invasions and militarism, with racial hatred of the West used to distract attention from internal problems.  This same trick is now being used again, renamed "globalism" and "outward looking internationalism."

Daily Express 13 Sept 2016 page 2: the mainstream media tries to downplay the threat from Jeremy Corbyn by claiming he may be thrown out in a bureaucratic Boundary Commission change to electorial boundaries, reducing the number of MPs in Parliament from 650 to 600.  However, as Labour Leader, he could be found another Labour seat in an area with large anti-Jewish immigrant terrorist voters, such as an area of racists who may find his hate speech more appealing than humanists.  So there is no room for complacency.  The normal policing of hate speech is apparently suspended for "high profile" bigots.  The laws against incitement of hatred and racism are never applied fairly to these people from the legal and political classes, who try to either bribe or coerce their way to dictatorship, manipulating fears of immigrants in their constituencies for votes.
Daily Express 16 August 2016 page 12: Stephen Pollard reports how "Human Rights Lawyer" Phil Shiner (founder of the law firm "Public Interest Lawyers") used fake evidence from terrorists and Britain haters to prosecute British people at the expense of the British taxpayer.  "As is so often the way with those who attack our finest institutions, Mr Shiner was lauded by the liberal establishment as a hero [Sir Jimmy Saville is a another possible example of this sort].  In 2007 at the Law Society Awards, he was garlanded as solicitor of the year for his 'tenacious and courageous commitment to the rights of those for whom access to justice would otherwise be denied.'  [In fact all quack lawyers work for hard cash from somebody, so this typical Law Society excuse for what were soon shown to be malicious prosecutions is plainly manipulative, specious, and frankly dishonest.]  He was also given the title of Professor of Practice Law by Middlesex University and honorary titles from the London School of Economics (LSE), Warwick, and Kent Universities. ... The judge who headed the £31 million inquiry, Sir Thayne Forbes, later revealed ... Their claims were ... 'Wholly without foundation and entirely the product of deliberate lies, reckless speculation, and ingrained hostility."  This is exactly the pseudo-"socialist" mindset of all enemies of democracy, freedom, and humanity, the wolves who win prizes for camouflaging themselves in sheep's clothing and talking dishonest drivel all the time in the media.  Shiner was eventually struck off as a lawyer by the British Law Society on 2 February, 2017, and was then PRAISED for making money from persecuting Britain's heroes, by Labour's shadow attorney general Lady Sharmishta Chakrabarti, CBE, who had earlier posed for smug photographs with Phil Shiner (photo below).
Shadow Attorney General Chakrabati, a close associate of CND's deterrence hate campaigner Jeremy Corbyn, posing with fake evidence-abusing pseudo-Human Rights Lawyer Phil Shiner (now struck off by the Law Society), when head of Public Interest Lawyers: after Phil Shiner was struck off for misconduct, Chakrabati did not apologise for promoting dishonest abuse of tax payers money by such "Liberty" public relations photos, but instead said that his pubishment was "sad" and that the suffering of thousands of people wrongly persecuted by manipulative lawyers is less important than the promotion of scare-mongering fake news that banning such evil will "destroy everybody's human rights."  This is exactly what happened to all of the highly awarded pseudo "socialist peace makers" who campaigned against Britain's credible deterrence of aggressors in the 1930s (they wanted parity or worse), people like Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir Normal Angell, Labour Party leader Clement Attlee (who in 1935 rejected armaments), BBC favourite Professor Cyril Joad, and a host of others.  No punishments were dished out for media saturating, fashionable bigots. They got money, fame, and were awarded prizes for a dishonesty that led to disaster.
Above: "Corbyn and his acolytes ... have an ideological hatred of private enterprise" - Daily Express 25 August 2016 page 12 by Leo McKinstry.  Ideological hatred of private enterprise is a bigotry: racism, sexism, socialism, fanaticism, fascism, and Nazism.  The normal distinctions of "right" and "left" in politics make no sense when applied to dishonest dictators, who are all alike in their paranoia, their fake news, their bigotry and their abuse of genuine critics.
Daily Express 25 August 2016 page 12: Leo McKinstry pointed out the dishonest scare tactics used by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the Virgin railways "no seats on trains" publicity stunt, which was later exposed as fake news.

Tony Blair's anti-democracy "RANT LEFT GRIEVING DAD SEETHING", Daily Express, 18 February 2017, page 5.

ABOVE: Britain's new Oswald Mosley, an anti-democracy thuggery leader why lied to the people to cause a war in 2002 and then lied again about Brexit destroying the world, now calls for a revolution against democracy in Britain.  This article in the 18 February 2017 Daily Express, page 5, shows how distressing and insulting the dishonest Tony Blair has become.  Tony Blair is protected by bodyguards as a result of his massive pension and "earnings" while a "peace envoy to the Middle East" since leaving the UK government, and his "police" thugs arrest his critics on trumped up anti-terrorism charges.  The man is a menace.  Similarly, "Human Rights Lawyer" Phil Shiner made a career and handsome profit out of using faked evidence to persecute British army veterans.  It is time that some of these fake, snake-oil selling "Human Rights Lawyers" and "Liberal Politicians" were exposed for hypocrisy and dishonesty by being convicted of fraud and given a jail term.  Justice is not being done because these people are supported by anti-democracy terrorist cartels in the BBC TV news and Oxbridge "elitist educated" newspaper journalism.  Oswald Mosley, like Blair, was a LABOUR (pseudo-socialist) MP, before he became a hater of democracy and a fascist.  Mussolini was a socialist activist when inventing fascism in 1914, and Hitler's National Socialist party set off WWII due to socialist debt which provoked the robbery of the Jews and the anti-national invasions of surrounding nation states!  Hitler's first finance minister Hjalmar Schacht simply borrowed money to pay for Hitler's full employment policy of massive military arms factories, the first autobahn, etc.: socialist debt, wage control, price control, and concentration camps with the robbing of Jews, "paid" for socialism.  When borrowed money ran out, Hitler invaded his neighbours.  (Socialist warmonger.)

As we pointed out in the previous post on anti-democracy Trump-haters in America, the Marxist/socialist drivel mongering objective is Reichstag Fire scare mongering: to suspend democracy on the basis of a fake news event.  It is so easy for corrupt journalists to try.  They simply report that a Jew-supporting billionaire tried to give secrets to Russia, and this trick gives them the excuse to hate and try to destroy the Jews, capitalism, and progress, just as Nazi radio and newspapers reported that a Jewish conspiracy burned down the Reichstag.  Such "fear mongering" gives them the excuse to ban democracy, to impose a police state which claims the truth is "fake news", while they themselves churn out lies masquerading as truth.  All of this is 100% relevant to the suppression of the truth by lying thuggery cartels of "journalists", "historians", and "scientists" of civil defence effectiveness and the real effects of nuclear weapons.  Let's pray that Trump's revolution defeats the BBC type propaganda, repeated saturation of lying evil that has led to endless suffering.

Further reading on the truth behind the frauds of so-called "Human Rights Lawyers":

The Sun, 13 February 2017, :


Tank-chasing lawyer Phil Shiner reported to police by Tory MP for hounding Iraq heroes

Former Army officer has written to Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan Howe demanding they investigate the struck-off solicitor


At 10:55 pm, Blogger nige said...

Bomber named by the group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani CREDIT: UNIVERSAL NEWS AND SPORT (EUROPE)
Gordon Rayner, chief reporter
22 FEBRUARY 2017 • 8:54AM
ABritish Islamic State fighter who carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq this week is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was paid £1 million compensation by the government.

Al-Harith, who used the nom de guerre Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, entered Syria via Turkey in 2014 to join Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, leading to questions at the time about the monitoring of terrorist suspects.

It also raised the possibility that compensation money paid by British taxpayers had been handed on by him to Isil.

Earlier this week Isil released an image of him sitting inside the bomb car grinning broadly, with wires and what may be a detonation button in the background.

At 11:08 pm, Blogger nige said...

... The 50-year-old, originally from Manchester, was arrested by US forces in Pakistan in 2001 as a suspected Taliban sympathiser, before being sent to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba in 2002.

At the time of his release, the then home secretary David Blunkett said: “No-one who is returned...will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

Earlier this week Isil named him as the man who had blown himself up in the car bombing at the Iraqi army base, and released a picture of him. ...

(If this is true, it is another example of left wing terrorism support using british tax cash, in the name of undermining justifiable American anti terrorism measures. Again, as pointed out in previous posts, lawyer led prosecutors cannot prevent terrorism using "innocent until proved guilty" idealism. We need civil defence, or the only alternatives are spying on thousands of suspects at immense expense and "civil liberties" controversy, or detention of suspects without charge - the method used in dictatorships. I prefer civil defence plus credible deterrence, to endless legal hypocrisy and preventative wars. Walls are better than civil wars.)


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