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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Trump's democratic success finally exposes for all to observe the war-making, lying, hate-in-heart racist inhumanity of Marxist propaganda techniques

Today, 5 Feb 2017, the Sunday Express has published a hard-hitting, pseudo-liberal hypocrisy debunking, Trump-resurrecting front page story written by the former Archbishop of Canterbury (official leader of the Church of England), Lord George Carey, CAREY BLASTS TRUMP CRITICS (Sunday Express 5 Feb 2017, pages 1, 5 and 26).  Carey's article exposes the hatred towards freedom of speech, liberty, and democracy of the pseudo-liberals who were used during the Cold War by the USSR's "divide and rule" propaganda machine to make Marxist dogma nonsense replace Christianity:

"STOP THE TANTRUMS.  Sensible discussion of Donald Trump and his policies is becoming all but impossible. To observe the insults and protests heaped on his head, we are witnessing a staggering overreaction. ... I cannot recall such demonstrations against terrible and autocratic regimes such as Burma, Sudan and North Korea.  It is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, 'the West', or Israel, and ignore the actual evil-doers.  I well remember when I was Archbishop of Canterbury being 'commanded' by the Royal Household to sup with leaders such as Mugabe ... Yes, there is something extraordinary about the way Trump has risen from the world of business.  Compared to the polished politicians we are used to, he is different. ... Furthermore, many of his comments strike a chord with vast swathes of the American population.  They are the left behind.  They lost the culture wars, they lost their jobs, and they are sick of being lectured to about what they can and cannot say, do and think. ... In other words, the American voters have recognised that it will require a man who will behave like a bull in a China shop to turn America's fortunes around. ... The rage in relation to Trump's victory is astonishing.  My American friend describes it as 'yowling'.  They realise their control of thought and policy is under threat. ...

"Though the executive order banning travel from certain destabilised Muslim-majority countries has misfired, the principle behind the order is surely not in itself wrong.  In a climate of international terrorism, a country which is targeted by terrorists needs to protect itself and control its borders.  ... I have some hope that we shall be surprised by the Trump presidency as it develops.  His style strikes me as being like that of a negotiator whose first gambit is not necessarily his final position.  In the meantime, there is one very positive policy to be welcomed.  Trump has recognised that Christians are persecuted in the Middle East and elsewhere, and intends to prioritise asylum for religious minorities.  This is a very welcome step.  Up until now, American and in fact British immigration policy has discriminated against Christians.  In spite of the fact that ... Christians, Yazidis, and Shia Muslims were facing genocide in Syria, refugees from that country were 99% Sunni Muslims.  10% of Syria's pre-war population was Christian.  In halting this genocide, and in other areas, Trump could actually make a difference."

- Lord Carey
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Lord Carey debunks fake news (propaganda) attacking Trump, Sunday Express, 5 February 2017.

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Above: in an article published yesterday, Richard Madeley exposed the anti-democratic racist hatred that has been masquerading as liberal elitism since the USSR started it as part of its Cold War propaganda offensive after World War II (Daily Express, 4 Feb 2017, page 19):

"TRUMP'S AMERICA SICK OF BEING ABUSED AND TAKEN FOR GRANTED ... By 'us' I mean the great anti-American hate-machine conspiracy. The default position that, in my lifetime, has made it intellectually safe and easy and cool to sneer at the USA, on just about every level you can think of.  Unthinking, reflex anti-Americanism has become part of the weft and warp of post-war western society. ... All, in reality, a mirror reflecting our own image right back at us.  Easy contempt of others usually has its roots in unconscious self-loathing.  And that's just here in the liberal West.  When it comes to the Middle East, it's a different league of hate altogether.  The USA's staunch support for Israel sees to that. ... It isn't enough merely to deride America; she must be wiped from the face of the earth.  And thus the entire chorus of scorn fizzes into one great global cocktail of contempt, mockery, and murderous dismissal.  It has been like this ever since America rode to our rescue in the Second World War. ... The new populism sweeping the wider West has given these generous, hard done-by people a voice.  And here's what they're saying, through Donald Trump's blaring megaphone, beginning with this message to the Middle East.  'You don't like us?  Right! Damn well don't come here then!'  It's called reaping the whirlwind - and this is just the start."

Earlier, on Thursday 2 February 2017, the Daily Express published a full page (p. 13) article defending Trump's democratic implementation of his anti-terrorism election promises by former BBC journalist Michael Cole:

"YES, TRUMP'S STATE VISIT WILL GO AHEAD.  ... A politician actually keeps an election promise and thousands of people come out on the streets of Britain in protest. ... For 18 months Donald Trump campaigned for the US presidency promising to shut America's borders to countries that presented a credible terrorist threat ... Entry to America is not a right.  It is a privilege.  And privileges can be withdrawn, as this one has been for a relatively small category of people.  Immigrants and visitors from the overwhelming majority of Arab and predominately Muslim states, such as Indonesia, are untouched by the ban. ... That is what it is about: safety - making it harder for determined Islamic terrorists to succeed ... All the synthetic outrage on the streets and the internet will not convince me that America or any other country is not entitled to protect itself ... After all, what was the vote for Brexit all about?  To control our borders. ... Since British redcoats burned down the White House in 1812, Britain and America have marched together ... Instead of shouting, the haters of America and Britain who never have a good word to say for two nations that have helped mould the modern world, ought to ask themselves why so many people from all over the world want to get into our countries."

We gave obvious pointers in the previous post about how to solve the refugee problems: deter and stop the invasions and wars which generate the refugees, and use walls, civil defence shelters, evacuation, and proper billeting systems to give safety from insurgent invasions and aerial attacks.

Trump's trade expert Peter Navarro has pointed out the economic basis for the world's "globalism fashion agenda": Germany survives on cheap labour and high exports driven by a cheap euro.  To do this, it insists on open borders to get low paid migrant workers, and it keeps the value of the euro down by keeping Greece, Spain and Portugal in the euro, despite their spiralling debts, because this economic crisis for the euro currency is as vital for ensuring cheap exports from Germany, as the cheap labour generated by oversupply due to refugees and migrants from endless wars and economic ruin elsewhere!  In 2015, during the latest Greek debt crisis, Germany forced devastating austerity measures on Greece in return for a £61 billion bailout, instead of liberating Greece from its disastrous EU membership.  The result is that Greece's premier Alexis Tsipras is a puppet on a string controlled by Angela Merkel, who ensures that 23% of Greeks are unemployed, with 46.5% unemployment for under-25's.  If Tsipras refuses the austerity measures that cause this disaster, Merkel can withhold bailout payments, instantly creating a banking crisis and political riot chaos in Greece.  Spain is in a similar situation, with 19% unemployment, and 43.6% unemployment for under 25's.  Germany, by contrast, has no national deficit but has had a surplus exceeding 6% of GDP for the past three years, with only 4% general unemployment, and only 6.9% unemployment for under 25's.  Globalism pays for multinational businesses which exploit the cheap labour and weak currency of the corrupt EU, and the EU's open-borders based terrorism and war.  Trump wants to put an end to such disasters.

Globalism propaganda today is a repeat of the 1930's situation in which financial disaster in combination with socialism globalism and unification efforts set the scene for world war.  Germany was "inward looking", nationalist and peaceful prior to unification in 1870, when it contained small, independent, separate nation states, ranging from Prussia in the north-east to Bavaria in the south.  The unification of these small nation states of Germany in 1870 set its ambitions upon an aggressive, expansive, globalist agenda, akin to the EU, the USSR, the Roman Empire, Napoleon's European Empire, ISIS, etc.  Instead of looking inward to satisfy the needs of their own people, the leaders are "outward looking", and try to distract attention from socialist overspending and debt problems by launching invasions as wars of conquest.  This is exactly how Hitler and Stalin caused misery, by using Jews and the West in general as scapegoats for their own failings as dictators.  Internationalism and globalism always causes wars or conflict by centralising power away from the the local people of Britain, Greece, Spain, etc.  Nationalism brings liberty and freedom and thus peace, by giving political power and responsibility for the spending of taxation to the local people, for local people.


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